The Prequel

I arrived in Granada yesterday. I am still a bit Jetlagged but I can already feel that the experience will be one that will be very interesting. My host family is very nice. I don’t necessarily understand everything that they have said so far but from what I have understood, they are excited to have us and excited to see us learn! 🙂

Today we went to one of their family functions. It was very interesting. They told us they had a garden but.. it wasn’t a garden. It should be described as a farm. They literally had scores of tangerines, lemons, and other fruit I couldn’t identify. They had onions, garlic, mints, and most other staple herbs. I was very impressed. I was also impressed with the family. I’ve always seen how close knit Spanish families were in movies and I got a chance to experience it first hand. I’m also experiencing the double cheek kiss phenomenon. LOL.

Tomorrow is my first day and to say the least, I am very excited!

1 thought on “The Prequel

  1. Nice post! Looks like you made it in a bit before the semester started?! My host family has a “garden” too…if it’s anything like yours sounds than I dunno if i’ll be going out to eat too much:D Anyways, hope you enjoyed your first day and happy new years!

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