Just Another Bucket List

¡Granada Bucket List 2015!

1. Meditate in the Alhambra. (with praise and worship music puh-lease)


2. Hike in the Sierra Nevadas.

3. Karaoke at Hannigan’s Bar. ( Como se dice- do you have any Taylor Swift songs?)


4. La Mirador de San Nicolas- (at sunset and sunrise)

…hopefully with friends??????? (update to follow)

5. Tapas bar hopping along Calle Nava. (self-explanatory)

6. Dance at the Camboria- a discoteca with a view of the Alhambra.

7. Cliff- diving in Salobreña!

8. Wine-tasting with new friends. (Let’s be real they’re all going to be new friends)

9. Spend one day speaking only Spanish. (I googled “confused Spanish girl” for this one…..)

10. Find an awesome parish near my host family’s house. (extremely necessary- someone hold me accountable)

11. Send postcards once a week to different people! (not making promises)

12. Spend an entire day getting lost in the city. (or any city in Europe while I’m at it)

13. Sleep in a hostel in each country I visit. (idk why I’m so intrigued by the idea of hostels….)

14. Survive two weeks without a nap. (yikes)

And there ya have it! My first official post dedicated my study abroad experience which will begin in 21 short days! (can you hear my silent screams????) To all of my traveler-friends, please send me more suggestions to add! Gracias;)

XOXO sorry for all the parentheses.

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