Better than I’d imagined

Wow oh wow, I am so excited to write this.

My host family is so much more interesting and cool than I ever imagined. My host parents  and I talked for close to an hour about various political topics like the military industrial complex, immigration, the US prison population and exportation of capitalist lifestyles from the United States. Amazing, right? The best part is, we even agreed on everything! I seriously cannot believe my luck.

I am a Geography major, which as a subject has a qualitative side and a quantitative side. The former is a lot of sociology and anthropology but with a focus on peoples’ relationships with space and place, while the latter has to do with mapping software called Geographic Information Systems, or GIS. Luis works for the government as a sort of city planner, (or topographic engineer as they call it), and has done a lot of land surveying in the past. He even works with GIS software a bit, just like me! Together we found this online data viewer that lets anyone view data about land parcels and conservation areas for the whole country!:

I’ve also been studying the area enough to find my house on Google Earth! Its the little white rectangle in the top left of the map all by itself next to the big field/green space and above/North of Paseo de las flores and to the left/West of Plaza Bratsi

I am writing so much about this right now because this connection has come as a complete surprise. I expected to get along great, of course, but this is totally out of the blue.

As for, ahem, everything else under the sun, the whole family is wonderful and I absolutely love the space they set up for me. I have my own bathroom, room, and study area all above the porch, all to myself. I mean, seriously, wow. When I arrived, I was so happy to hear my host mom Laura describe their lifestyle and household as as easygoing and funloving as possible. But okay, enough for one night, especially since it is just the first.

Don’t you just love it when a plan comes together?

2 thoughts on “Better than I’d imagined

  1. Cherish your host families – I do. Even after eight years, we are still in touch. They’re in their 80s, I’m 71, and I think of them as my padrino and madrina because they taught me so much the four separate times I lived with them. Then they introduced me to their friends, who are also my friends and I visit them, too. Host families are a unique gift of love beyond price. Glad you had the experience. Vale la pena!

  2. Great comments! I’m the same way – I still write and communicate with my host family from 1999. I make a point to at least send a card for the holidays and keeping in touch with their lives on facebook.

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