Hola todos!!

I wanted to tell you guys about my classes! I have a pretty laid back schedule but I am learning a lot. Everyday we have our Spanish classes from 8 to 11; I am still not used to waking up this early! But I did notice this morning that I was definitely ready to eat breakfast. The breakfasts are much bigger here than in the U.S., which I love.

Today we got placed in our classes based on our test scores. There are lots of students in the advanced group, so they split us up based on our strengths. I love my profesora. She is really interested in the dialects and the cultural differences, which I’ve always found so fascinating. We talked a lot today about the politeness of Costa Ricans, and how different it is than the U.S. I like the politeness, and I think it’s somewhat similar to “Minnesota nice.” I remember when I was in Puerto Rico I asked for a drink really politely and the bartender actually corrected me to say it in a more direct manner. It’s interesting that the two countries are so different since they have similar climates and religious views.

Yesterday we had cafecito, and to my surprise the grandson of my mama tica had coffee with us. He is 4 years old! I wasn’t drinking coffee until college. But here this is the norm. It’s funny because in my family in the United States I am the only coffee drinker and I see it almost as something bad or unhealthy, but here everyone drinks it and I feel like I am doing the correct thing when I have 3 or 4 cups of coffee a day! After Axel, the grandson, had his cup of coffee, the difference was very obvious! He all of the sudden had a temper and had so much emotion and energy in his voice. I don’t know why the families encourage this!! Haha, but I guess they have to get used to it at some point.

Yesterday I also had my class with locals, which is yoga. It was totally not what I was expecting!! The yoga classes that I have taken once or twice in Winona have a woman leading the class, we all copy her positions, and if we mess up or can’t do it perfectly we are EMBARRASSED. But this class is taught by a young man, maybe 25 and there are only like 14 of us! It seems like it will be a very personal class. He also told us that if there is a position we can’t do for whatever reason, he’s not going to force us. We have our bodies and we have our own limitations and everyone is different. The class is about getting to know our bodies and breaking barriers. We actually had our first exercise yesterday; it was very easy. We played something called the “sword game” and another game where we would count to three really fast with a partner, it’s difficult to explain, but it was a fun way to break the ice. I am so excited about the yoga class; I think I will make really good friends there.

One big difference here with the university is that during the day there are almost no students.Costa Rican college students work during the day and come to school at night. So when I had my yoga class at 6, the school was much more lively. My yoga teacher has office hours at 8:00 at night which is so strange to me. I think it’s interesting that in the United States the majority of the students tell their employers that they can’t work during the day because they have class, but here the students are much more accommodating with their employers and have no problems working during the day.

The university is gorgeous and not so big where we will get lost. It’s very open and airy, I still can’t get over the amazing mountainous views that are around us all of the time. Tomorrow we have the tour of the city!! I am so excited to get to know Heredia!! 🙂

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