Still absorbing all of the beauty and light that surrounds me…

Wow.  El tercero dí a en Heredia, Costa Rica. The third day and still I am not quite able to put in to words the beauty that surrounds me. Costa Rica is breathtaking and truly pura vida, pure life. There is a certain energy here in Costa Rica…an enegry of love, happiness, openness and positivity.  I honestly could not be happier and more filled with so much light and love right now.  Flying into the Costa Rica, there was a vastness  and openess to the land…the mountains against the clouds, the foliage and abundance of nature–I thought about the new year and the new journey that I would be embarking on– a journey of not only personal growth, but academic growth as well.  Sitting on the plane, and even after landing and settling in to my new home, I was a bit nervous about immersing myself in the unknown, challenging my self, communicating and opening up– but I can say already that this trip has been rejuvenating and truly special, and this is only my third day with the extremely loving and welcoming ticos.

Any nerves that I had are completely gone— my host mother is so sweet and excited to have me and my roommate here.  I have learned so much from her already, merely from talking.  Talking, talking, talking is the key to learning and improving.  My mama tica is patient with my speaking, helpful with correcting grammar and very excited that we are communicating so much in Spanish.  Mistakes will be made, of course, but life is after learning experiences and the new lessons that manifest. I can already feel that this semester will be  amazing, not only because the country is beautiful, but los ticos are so loving, friendly and the culture is rich and vibrant.


Classes thus far are amazing.  This evening, I had my first class with locals, Yoga!  The Costa Rican students were kind and interested  in learning about the students from other countries!  This is a much needed time away from New York and the states for me— 4 months in a new home that I love so much already, not a problem! More updates soon!

Peace, Light, and Love.


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