Tico Time

Its only the third day and I have learned so much! This is going to be all over the place! First off my roommate and I were 30 minutes late for our orientation with Sol, which would be such a big deal in the United States, but here it is normal! We shocked my mama tica today when we told her that we do not normally eat breakfast! She promptly stated that it is the most important meal of the day! As she is teaching us different words and phrases is Spanish, we are also teaching her words and phrases! For a while today she was trying to pronounce Missouri and she is getting pretty good at it! I met my papa tico for the first time today (he travels for work), he is super nice and very helpful with Spanish! My roommate and I also went to the mall and the bank today to exchange money. It was the first time I had to actually put my Spanish skills to use in the real world and it went quite well!

This country is such a beautiful place! The mountains look like a movie screen and I can’t stop taking photos of them! I am beyond excited to see how beautiful the other provinces are!

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