And even in Costa Rica I still feel at home…

Wow, I believe that I fell in love with San Jose today.  The city has an edge and a rawness,  also a kindness and grace. There was just something about the essence of the people and environment that reminded me of home, New York City. The streets were filled with so much love and art…what I often surround myself with while in my city. The parks were filled with young people, those who seemed in touch with the arts, hula hooping, playing games, laughing, burning incense and truly enjoying pure life.   Walking through the central avenue of San Jose (a main street, almost like Times Square or 34th Street) amidst the hustle of bodies rushing to their next destinations, everything almost came to a stand still as our group walked past three or four young men playing instruments–one with locs in a high bun creating beautiful music with a saxophone, and the others playing along with makeshift drums and tambourines to  his melody– there was such beauty in their harmony as well as the light and joy that they displayed merely from sharing their sounds with others and truly being alive.

San Jose seemed familiar to me– there is a warmth to the city.  The rawness and edge is apparent, but that intrigues me. The walls and building throughout the city are tagged with artwork and graffiti, make San Jose all the more vibrant and alive.  I am excited to return to San Jose again on my own time to learn and absorb even more of the vibes and light that the city exuded.

Peace, Light and Love.


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