Coffee Tours

This past week was fairly exhausting. Most people were tired from the Nicaragua trip last weekend and just wanted to relax. All Monday we spent on a bus from Granada, Nicaragua to Heredia, Costa Rica. We got back around 10:30 that night and had class the next morning at 8 am. We also had a lot of presentations. Three days and three presentations. It has been the hardest I have had to work since studying abroad. It was a lot of work but we got all of it done. We only have 2 weeks left of this class left. Time has flown by.

I got to know a lot of SOLmates a lot better this week. We played soccer together after class to get some exercise and to have fun. It was funny to see some Ticos watching us like that couldn’t believe we were playing. It was also embarrassing how awful I am when it is the most popular sport here. Pretty much everyone plays soccer. After falling a few times and accidentally kicking the ball into someone, it was time for a break. Soccer may not be meant for everyone, and especially not me.


The weather is cooling off and the rain is dying down. We’ve only had one day this week where it poured all day. The children here are getting ready for summer break. It’s the opposite here than it is in the states: they have December and January off for summer break and then two weeks off in June or July. Pretty soon there will be a lot of kids playing our street enjoying their time off!

This past Thursday we went to a place called Café Brit. IT could not have reminded me more of the tours at Silver Dollar City. The two men leading our tour had hilarious skits for each part of the tour. They were energetic fellows who seemed very passionate about their job. We first learned about how the different regions grow different types of coffee and then looked at the coffee fields. It’s crazy how a huge basket of coffee beans only earns the workers about three USD. I cannot imagining working that hard and not earning much.


My favorite part of the trip was the coffee and chocolate tasting (with emphasis on the chocolate tasting). People were wired walking around the place after tasting the dozen different types of coffee they had. Everything was delicious. The only other thing we did this week was have a nail painting party. My friend painted snowflakes and penguins on my nails in spirit of Christmas. It was a great week! We only have 6 more to go! It is crazy how time flies!


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