A Week to be Thankful

We missed a holiday this week; the first major holiday of the semester that we’ve missed. For a lot of students, it was really, really challenging. That being said emotions were all over the place all week long. It seemed so abstract that Thursday was actually Thanksgiving. The air was warm with a cool breeze and the sky was sunny and bright. The fact we had class mixed with such summer like weather made it strange that all our families were celebrating while we were studying and going to class. Luckily for me people have been shooting fireworks off all around me, so I still have had some little tastes of home.


Instead of a Costa Rican cultural activity this week, we had a United States cultural activity: Thanksgiving dinner. We celebrated Friday night with students and the host moms. My job was to make the mashed potatoes. I am not much of a cook, so a solmate and I made them together. It took a very long time. 50 people were at the dinner, so that was a lot of potatoes. We finally finished after waiting at least half an hour for the water to boil and another half an hour for the potatoes to cook. I had a lot of fun mashing them and was pleasantly surprised when they tasted good.


At the dinner, we had macaroni, potatoes, stuffing, green beans, pies, brownies, but most importantly, turkey. Students were great cooks! It has been one of my favorite nights of the semester. We ate and chatted with our friends and their families all night. Of course after we ate we all took group pictures together. We may not have had our actual families here, but it was a lovely evening with great friends.


We started our last class this week. It covers Latin American Literature, and it requires a lot of reading. I am also in the final stretch of my painting class. I am constantly amazed by how passionate my professor is about painting. She brings us different things to paint on and lets us use some of her personal materials. She helps each student in the class and gives them advice and help based on their abilities. I’m not sure if it is just this teacher or if most professors here are just that helpful, but either way I have never seen such a hardworking professor.

Our teacher gave us wood pieces to paint on.

As the semester starts to come to a close, things are starting to feel surreal. The weather has become beautiful with almost no rain, the nights are cold, and time is flying by. We have three weeks left to explore this beautiful country. We have white water rafting, coffee picking, and beaches planned for the near future. I am unbelievable excited to see what surprises are instore for the next few weeks. Pura Vida!


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