Rolling my R’s

December 27, 2015

I feel like I am going to be starting many of my posts with “what a day” because real words can’t describe the experiences here in Mexico.  It was my first official day here and it began around 8 in the morning (unless you would like to count the numerous times I woke up because of the neighborhood yip-yip dogs or the phenomenal sunrise that shined brightly through my window).  My host mom, Gloria, is so sweet and had breakfast waiting for me when I came down from my room and proceeded to conversate with me.   I am not fluent, Gloria is patient, and my Spanish-english dictionary is golden so we were able to get to know each other a little better.  My program director, Erika, arrived around 9 so that I was able to go on my first excursion!  The first place we went was the Tlacolula market….never have I seen so much hard work put into a person’s livelihood.  There was so much food that all smelled AMAZING, the clothing was so intricate I wanted to buy it all, and the people were all working so hard.  Thanks to Sol Education I was able to sample some of the foods they had there such as los camotes (sweet potatoes), chicozapote (sweetest fruit I have ever tasted), mezcal (an alcoholic beverage and they were not stingy with the samples, and sometimes they have worms or scorpions at the bottom of the bottle), and of course los chapulines(seasoned grasshopper, which if you can ignore your imagination telling you that you felt legs kicking down your throat, are actually pretty tasty).  Next stop was the Mitla ruins, which was one of the first archeological things I have ever done.  The tour was given in Spanish and in English, but I was pleased to find that I could understand the Spanish version.  There is some rich history in that place and I encourage y’all to check it out online! I was able to actually go down into the tombs which was really cool because they made the ceilings so low you had to crouch to go in there and it was like bowing out of respect for the people buried there.  It was so hot during the tour that Erika took me to get nieve(ice cream/slush) and the flavors were so sweet that bees were everywhere!  I had three sit on my cup, two on my arm, and one had the audacity to land on my mouth.  I feel like I was pollinated about five times.  After that Erika retuned me to Gloria at a fiesta for some people she knew.  It was pretty cool to see/hear a live Mariachi.  There is a certain song that plays and people carry baskets with candy and literally throw candy at you!  Kids love that.

I think Gloria was able to see that I was fading and she told me to go rest so that later tonight when some friends came over I would be refreshed.  I used this time to call my mom…what a blessing she is.  After hearing her voice I felt brave enough to go downstairs and meet some more people.  I met a lot of Gloria’s children (and friends) and her grandchildren.  I was able to spend time with her Grandson Ryan by teaching him how to play a song on the piano.  I think music is a very powerful tool to bring people together because after that a guitar was brought out and people would take turns playing songs while everyone sang along.  I was even able to suggest a song I had heard and everyone recognized…it was a pretty cool feeling to share something like that.

So I guess to end my blogs I should say something I learned and something I don’t understand so here goes:

Today I learned that communication is something that comes in many forms.  It only takes two word to make people laugh….though it’s not always clear if it’s at you or with you but either way it’s a form of communication. J


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