Carrot Soup and Manners

December 28, 2015

Ryan being his crazy self. 🙂

Today was the first day of my class.  I was so nervous I changed outfits three times, but after a 25 minute walk to my school I realized I should probably settle for the most comfortable outfit.  It was pretty cool to all the streets in Oaxaca because they’re all so different, it somewhat reminds me of the fairs in Colorado and how there is clothes, random arts/crafts, and food everywhere you look.  There are usually a lot of people walking on the street with you and a lot of time they will just push past you.  I always say I’m sorry, but they never say anything….I am not used to that at all.   I was relieved when Gloria showed me Chedraui, which is basically a Walmart, and for some reason it was comfort to see a store with regular check out machines and sliding doors.  Once we got to the school I met the academic director, Fernando, and my teacher, Mary Carmen.  I am the only student signed up for the medical Spanish class so it’s almost like private tutoring which will hopefully be beneficial to me.  Class was from 9 am to 1 pm so it was a long time to be listening and speaking, but I was able to enjoy it  because Mary Carmen kept things at my level but also challenged me.  After class I had an intercambio with Luis who is from Guadalajara.  For a certain amount of time each week he will speak English to me and I will speak Spanish to him.  I really like this idea because I liked to hear how he is dealing with his struggles in English and what is helping him so I can apply some of those same ideas to my life.  After the intercambio I went with Erika to change some money into pesos so that I would had money if I need to buy something.  Walking back home I had my first encounter with a stranger calling me “guera”, but surprisingly it didn’t bother me that much…possibly because all I could think about was food.  When I got home at 3 pm  Gloria had a lunch of sopa de zanhoria (carrot soup) and carne con Limón with a small salad….I think carrot soup is my new favorite!  Her grandson Ryan ate lunch with me and after that we spent most of the afternoon playing games or talking.,  He would show me songs in English that he likes and I was really impressed with how much English he knew, but they were some odd songs. J All in all it was a good day.

Carrot soup, carne, and sweet sweet lemon.

Today I learned that comfort can be found in small things and the struggling is not always a bad thing if there are people to help you along the way. Also, good manners depends on the place where you are.


Yesterday at the fiesta we ate soup in the middle of the afternoon and today I had soup as well.  Is this normal and if so why hot soup when it’s so hot outside? (haha)

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