Get that corn out of my face! :)

December 29, 20115

It’s day 3 and I have not gotten my tan yet….it’s killing me, but there are plenty of other things I am enjoying.  This morning I told Gloria that I would be able to walk to school by myself….and I got lost.  I was doing pretty well until I realized I didn’t recognize the purple house on the left and the blue store on my right.  Thankfully, I have been lost plenty of times before and I remained calm until I found a woman gave me directions (turns out I was only one street off!)  After class I went to Chedraui to buy some things and I felt really accomplished because I was able to have a conversation with some of the people there.  Gloria had lunch ready when I got home and today was another soup called Caldo loco with some delicious rice.  I had to return to the school after that to tour parts of downtown Oaxaca.  First was the center of the city called Zócalo which was completely abuzz with lots of persons. There is a lot of things that happen there because the “palace” for the government is there. A guy came up to me and asked if he could take a photo with me randomly (I think it’s because I am guera) We went to a market called 20 de Noviembre and there I was able to sample quesillo which is little balls of delicious cheese.  I also tried mole sauce which I did not like.  We then went to another market of Benito Juarez where we went to a chocolate store called Mayordomo and sampled chocolate milkshakes and observed how the ground up the cocoa beans!  After that we just walked through the streets and it was just an amazing feeling to being seeing all these beautiful shops and buildings amidst strangers.  I am a bit of a freak here because I am taller than many of the people and I have to duck under a lot of the awnings of shop windows and I can hear people commenting about this(haha). We passed by Santo Domingo which is a beautiful, huge church that is supposed to covered in gold on the inside…I would like to go see that soon!  Near the church there were vendors selling elote (the corn you see in Nacho Libre) and of course I tried it….not what I expected and a little bit spicy (I of course used the famous words of Steven in Nacho Libre everytime I took a bite) .  After that we went to another church and had some ice cream there and just enjoyed time watching the night life….it renewed my energy to see how beautiful this city is at night.

Today I learned that I definitely don’t mole sauce but I do like cheese.

What I would like to know is how people drive so fast around other cars when the streets are so narrow and some cars are stopped in the middle of the street. Que raro.

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