You really want me to cook?

December 30, 2015

Signs of progress:  Not getting lost on my way to school, translating an entire conversation in Spanish to English, and finding more place to explore!

Today began normally with class from 9-1 and then an intercambio with Luis.  After all of that we had a cooking class in the house of a lady named Luz Maria.  It was on the other side of the center of the city so I felt like I walked completely across the city.  Not only was it fairly far away but it was on a gigantic hill (I suppose you could call it a mountain, but I’m from Colorado so it’s hard for me to call it a mountain).  It was a beautiful walk over and I thoroughly enjoyed the exercise.  Luz’s house was very nice and had many Christmas decorations.  As soon as we came in and made introductions, she gave us aprons so we could get to work.  I couldn’t believe they were going to let me cook knowing how accident prone I am when it comes to knives and stoves, but it happened!  The first thig we did was cut manzanitas and regular sized apples, along with flower petals, sugar and water.  While this boiled on the stove, we cooked some plantanos machos (man bananas…funny translation) with steam so that we would be able to mash them a bit later.  Luz already made the “corn dough” for some tortiallas which we got to press into the correct shape.  Once flat we put papas (seasoned potatoes) into the middle and folded into a burrito shape, however, you then had to shape it into more of a long football shape, and this is called molote.  Luz said that I had hands of Oaxaca because I was able to do it properlyJ  We did the same thing with the plantanos machos but we put different fillings like queso oaxacqueno, beans, and a pork mix.  These have a sweet flavor and were beyond delicious!  I was in love with them!  We also made sopa de Calabaza (pumpkin soup…not the Halloween type of pumpkin though). Which was super delicious, but most of the ingredients are indigenous to Oaxaca.  And for desert, we had watermelon with grapes, kiwi, strawberry, peach, coconut, and honey.  A sweet little combination of fruits.  After this we walked through the city a little more as it started to get dark…I cannot tell you how beautiful it is!  It is so cool to see the streets filled with art/stores, upbeat music, and open air restaurants where everyone can enjoy this beautiful weather.

Today I learned the movie Nacho Libre was based on a true story!

I don’t understand why it is only old men feel the need to get my attention just to blow me a kiss.

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