New Year Embarrassment

December 31st & January 1st

So I normally blog when I get home at night and am about to go to bed, but considering that last night we didn’t get home until about 4:30 am I decided to bypass blogging yesterday and combine it with today.  Yesterday I didn’t have class or anything so I went on my first solo trip to Zocalo to see what I could find.  I went to the artisan markets and looked through some stuff there and also tried to go into a department store to find clothes….I was so nervous being in there by myself that I was breathing really hard…I suppose it would be funny to see but I was really stressed out!  I didn’t find anything I was in love with so I decided to just walk around the streets of Oaxaca and see what I could see.  There is so much art here, and though I don’t really understand it all, I appreciate seeing it!  After walking around for about 5 hours in the middle of the day I came back home, had some lunch and took a three hour nap (which would come in handy later).  When I woke up and got ready, we left for a church service at a local church.  There was an old couple sitting in front of us and you could tell the woman was not functioning at her best and I started to cry when I saw how much the husband cared for and loved his wife…it was very beautiful and you don’t see that kind of beauty everywhere.  Following the service, we went to Gloria’s parent’s house where we stuffed as many family members as we could into the dining room for dinner.  The food was amazing as usual and it never stopped coming so I ended up eating too much.  On top of that I completely embarrassed myself so brace yourself for this story.  They were offering the adults alcohol, and since I am of legal age, I decided to partake in this a little bit.  They gave me some mezcal in a little shot glass with a lime.  In the U.S. this would be a shot, so I of course slammed it back and enjoyed the burning sensation while sucking on the lime.  They all started laughing and said that you’re supposed to just sip on it….I felt quite stupid after that and turned as red as a firetruck.  Let’s just say I was the story of the night after that. J About 10 minutes before midnight everyone began hugging each other and wishing them well to bring in the new year.  As soon as everyone had greeted each other, it was time for the kids to exchange gifts, which was completely adorable as they all got excited to give and receive.  For the adult gift exchange, there was a contest to decide the order.  In groups of twos, you had to face of and either tell a joke, dance, sing, or do some sort of party trick in order to gain the loudest applause of the family.  (I told a joke in Spanish and won!)  This didn’t get over until about 3 am, and then we sat around and sang karaoke till about 4:30.  Gloria could tell I was exhausted so she took me home and I crashed until about 10 am.  So I spent most of the first day of the New Year sleeping which is hopefully a good sign. 😉 haha.  Around three in the afternoon we went back to Gloria’s parents house, ate some more, played some more, ate again, sang some more, and then came back home again.  To all my friends and family reading this I hope y’all had a fantastic New Year’s day and enjoyed company.  I pray God blesses this year and that we will have the faith to trust in him no matter what the situation is!  HAPPY 2016!


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