I like that boulder…..

January 3, 2016

OHHHHHH MYYYYY GOOOOOODDDDNNNNEESSSS! We went to Monte Alban today and it was incredible.  One of the most amazing places I have ever seen.  Though the steps were steep, it was worth the climb!  I won’t be able to describe it in a manner that does it justice, but when you climb to the top of some of the high points and can overlook the entire ruins of Monte Alban….it’s surreal!  The ground was perfectly level, all the “buildings” were strategically place, and no matter where you looked you could see the entire valley of Oaxaca and it was beyond words!  Our guide explained a lot of the history to us and it was amazing to hear how much thought and care the people who made Monte Alban put into it!

Monte Alban from the North side

The rocks were almost perfectly shaped considering the technology of that era and every time I saw a huge rock with carvings all I could think was, “I like that boulder….that’s a nice boulder.”  At the front was the priest’s temple and all the buildings that surrounded it were put in those exact spots for amazing acoustics!  You could clap from once side of the ruins and hear it with perfect clarity on the other side!  Just wow.  I highly recommend checking it out online or even better would be to come visit it someday.  After we were allowed to explore (and I ran everywhere I could) we went to a monastery.  The history and art of that place is really cool as well.   We got to see a prison cell of a Mexican hero named Vicente Guerrero, the area where he was shot, and a Friar’s pulpit as well. J It was about this time I started to notice that I had been fried by the sun and was going to have some nasty tan lines….oh well: “Vale la pena”.   Once our tour there was finished, it was finally time to eat!  We went to a restaurant called Hacienda Cuilapam which was way cool.  The interior was almost like a jungle with all the flora and fauna, the food was buffet style (and AMAZING!), out back where some cool animals (emus: which I consider the modern day velociraptors), and there was even live music.  After eating way too much (tacos, carne, sopa, chili rellanos, things I forgot the names of, crema de mezcal for dessert), the mariachi dedicated a song to one of the girls in our group because she was morena (brown hair).  They got a kick out of watching us dance for a good 8 minutes I’d say, but it was so much fun.  I would love to post all the pictures I took but: first, there are way too many and second, they don’t do it justice.

Today I learned that Nacho Libre took the orpahns to see Monte Alban, so my life is pretty much complete now that I visited that exact same place. 😉 haha and also….if you want to get a firm booty….just walk up and down the steps of these ruins a few times a day and that should do the trick!

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