Do you want candy w/your chili & pinata?

January 4, 2015

Start the morning off with a tamale de frijole and it will be a good day…or at least it was today!  Today was the first day of class for the students who arrived this weekend so we were all able to walk to the school together.  It was a change to go from walking sola to walking with other people, but it was fun to get to know them.  School was school (like always) and after I had an intercambio with Luis. This time we went walking with a friend in the streets as we continued our Spanish-english conversations….he is definitely learning!  After that, I went back home for a lunch of crema de Calabaza and tacos!  Just so y’all know when  I saw tacos it’s not the kind we think of from taco bell…they are more like flautas and sooooooo delicious!  The ones Gloria made had cheese and some seasoned meat in them and I think I died with every bite I took.  🙂  We returned to the school for an orientation and our Sol Directors (Erika and Eva) being the awesome people they are gave us dulces which were candies…boy were they good! I had a gooey tamarind thing (with chili of course) and I quite enjoyed it.  I had already had a tour of the city so Erika took me to certain art galleries.  I’ll be honest, I struggle with art because I don’t quite understand it, but there is tons of it here in Oaxaca.  It was cool to see how they all try to represent some sort of reality in their exhibits.  We went to a gallery of piñatas and learned that the reason they have seven spikes is for the 7 capital sins!  It was pretty cool to learn that, but my favorite part was the candy on the ground that you could take from the exhibit. 🙂 After that we went to a gallery of rebozos which are like shawls, but very intricately woven.  There was also a gallery about stamps which was pretty cool, but by then I started to get a little tired of looking and not touching so Erika said it was time to go.  We met up with the other students to walk around a little more looking for food to try, but everything was starting to close and it was beginning to rain so we decided to just head home.  When we got back Gloria was waiting so we stayed up and talked for a little while before heading to bed.  God has blessed me so much here.  What a day. 🙂

Today I learned that weather you’re eating something salty or sweet…people here will put chili on everything!  🙂

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