Selfies with Clowns

January 5, 2016


Thank you God for this wonderful time I am having here!  I am loving the fact that I can walk outside at 8 in the morning and feel perfectly comfortable wearing shorts and a t-shirt! Then I can take a quick 15 minute walk to school and feel refreshed and ready for the day.  I am able to learn from my teacher who not only teaches me the course content, but also little tricks to make my Spanish better. Thank you that the people of Oaxaca are so nice they will just come up to say hi and start a conversation with you!  I couldn’t be more thankful for the wonderful food that Gloria cooks us each day for lunch!!!! (And on that note, her love and care is completely encouraging as well) It’s such a blessing to have friends to walk around the city of Oaxaca looking at the markets, observing other cultures, and also laughing at our own stories.  The experiences I am having here can be described with words, but you can’t understand the true meaning unless you’ve been here yourself!  Thank you Oaxaca!

Today I learned that maybe there is someone out there who wants to take a picture with you just as bad as you want to take a picture with them J

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