So I tried Cow Tongue…..

January 6, 2016

What an incredible day!  Today was Dia de Reyes which is a big deal here in Mexico.  There is a lot of tradition that goes into it and this morning at school we got to participate in part of it!  They served us Rasco which is a circular shaped sweet bread.  You cut your own slice of break because baked inside the bread is a little monito and if it’s in your slice of bread you have to make tamales (on February second I believe) for everyone that participated.  Thankfully it was one of the teachers that found the little doll because I have yet to learn how to make tamales.  We also made our own hot chocolate with hot milk and REAL, FRESH CHOCOLATE! It was pretty bomb!  We finished class and then went home for lunch which was corn soup and these green bean egg things.  What’s weird is they were served with beans…I don’t like beans…but the beans here are actually really good!  Once I was full I went up to my room worked on some homework and took a nap.  Thank goodness I was able to rest because we had a dance class in the afternoon!  I know I am not the best dancer (shout out to my friends who know my moves), but I really enjoyed dancing salsa and bachata!  It was a lot of fun, a great workout, and I really did learn a lot.  I think I would like to go back on my own free time perhaps.  My favorite part was meeting a local named Desiree who showed us some spots here that we weren’t brave enough to try on our own.  We went to a restaurant named La Flor Lupulo and it was AMAZING!  I ordered lengua de res which was cow tongue and it was one of the best decisions I have ever made in a restaurant.  It was SO. INCREDIBLY, DELICIOUS!  I would recommend it to anyone!  After that Desiree showed us place to eat or go dancing in Oaxaca that she liked.  We walked to La Soledad where there was a big open concert-like area and we just talked for a while and observed people publically displaying affection on the stairs….finally when it got too uncomfortable we decided it was time to go home.  Since it was after 10 pm at night we decided to take a taxi back to the Chedraui near our house. Even though it doesn’t sound like we did anything spectacular, it was completely fabulous to be given a personal tour by someone who knows and loves Oaxaca….it will definitely be a cherished memory.

Today I learned that if you want to meet someone, simply start by saying hi.  And also, cow tongue is quite a delicacy. 🙂

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