Am I an ablutophobe?

January 7, 2016

So I don’t know if I told y’all that here in Oaxaca to wash your clothes you take them to a lavanderia….it’s like a laundry mat…except for the fact that they wash your laundry for you.  I can’t tell you how much anxiety it gives me to think about other people washing my clothes! However, today when I had to wear a fancier dress to school because I was running out of clean clothes, I decided it was time to stop procrastinating and take my clothes to be washed.  So after school we came home and had a delicious…and I mean delicious…lunch of rice and enchiladas verdes with lemon and cucumber water.  Being as scrumptious as they were, I had two plates, which put me into a food coma so I of course had to go sleep that off.  An hour nap did me well so I was able to study and mentally prepare myself for the lavanderia.  I am telling you…even walking over there I began to breath hard and start to sweat!  After I dropped off my laundry I called my mom in a panic telling her what I had just done and if any of y’all know her sense of humor you’ll laugh when I tell you that she said, “It’s ok.  I doubt they’re going to try to wear your clothes.”  (Thanks Mom for making me laugh)

However…I am honestly counting down the hours until I can go pick up my stuff….

Later at night, Sarah and I went out to walk around for a while.  We stopped the market 20 de Noviembre and enjoyed our walk around.  There are so many places to eat there and they all have people just hanging out and having a good time.  It reminds me kind of a mall food court, but more relaxed and friendly.  I am proud to say that we also had our first experience with bartering today and it turned out to be successful! J However, we made a comment about the many colors we saw on some of the products the venders were selling and for some reason they found it quite funny….still don’t understand why that was but oh well.  It’s such a lively place to be that it was soon forgotten.

Today I learned that even though you may not understand why someone is laughing at you, it’s nice if you can share their smile. J



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