Paint the town gold!

January 8, 2016

What an INCREDIBLE day!  Oaxaca is such a blessing!  Today I had an exam for the first part of class over certain systems in the body, how you would conduct a physical exam of a patient, and some common sicknesses here in Mexico (all in Spanish of course).  After the test, my teacher worked with me some on my conversation skills.  I also had an intercambio after class and found out that Luis thinks that because I live in Texas I say “yee-haw” all the time….I definitely had to correct him on that. J Finally done with school for the day, we went back home and had ANOTHER amazing lunch from Gloria.  Rice, beans, and these delectable blocks of cheese with peppers and some kind of mouth-watering sauce called rajas de queso! *imitates the French chef kiss*  By the time we finished with lunch we had to head back into the city to meet Eva at Santo Domingo for our tour.  It is amazing to me how there is so much history and beauty in these places.  Everything was made out of some kind of stone, there were arches everywhere, and there was even a fountain!  We walked through a library, many historical exhibits, and there was a room dedicated solely to the jewelry that was found in the tombs of Monte Alban.  I have no idea how these ancient cultures made such beautiful things, but it is awe-inspiring.  However, my favorite part about Santo Domingo was the gorgeous views of the city!  We were high enough we overlooked the busy streets, the romantic couples, and the botanical gardens….it was nice to just step back from it all and watch life happen.  Not to mention the views combined with the sunlight provided great picture lighting so we took as many photos as we could. J After we finished exploring, we went down to the church where everything was decorated with real leafs of gold….quite magnificent to see!  Done with our tour of Santo Doming I booked it home to pick up my laundry….I was quite impressed because my laundry looked really good all folded nicely and vacuum packed in a nice plastic bag. I feel so much better to have it back in my hands.  Now it was time for my favorite night in Oaxaca.  We met our friend Desire at the Catedral in Zocalo so that we could go out dancing!  First we went to a place where we ordered some wings and the DJ played music from the States so some of us got up and started dancing.  I guess the people enjoyed our dancing show enough that the DJ wanted to take a picture of us!  When we finally were all danced out there we went to an actual discoteca where the owner actually let us in for free! This was the start of all the amazingness.  NEVER in my LIFE have I danced like that. There was salsa, cumbia, bachata, maybe some merengue…I’m not sure, but it was all fancy!   It was the most amazing experience to be taught how to dance by these people who can move so well.  They showed me how to move my hips, they spun me with some of the most complicated spins I have ever done, and they dipped me until I felt like was a whirl-wind.  There were so many guys there that I don’t think my friends and I got a chance to sit down the entire four hours we were there!  (my calves are still sore!)  I wish words could convey the feelings and energy from this opportunity, but that is completely impossible! I have never experienced dancing like that, but it was beyond compare…I am so in love with it!

Today I learned that I can dance! 🙂 🙂 🙂

(and it is the most fun when your partner is really good at dancing as well!)

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