You Go Girl!

I have had an amazing and fulfilling first week learning abroad in Oaxaca! Today as I rode in el colectivo (a big van-like bus) and let the Oaxaqueña scenery capture my gaze and thoughts, I became overwhelmed with serene and surreal feelings. The clouds resting on the mountains, the shimmery rocky deep red dirt, the overall view was wayyyyy too much! As we cruised down the hilly roads I held back tears (I’m a cry baby yes) and thought to myself “What a Wondeful World”! Lol. But no fr, I thought to myself ” Wow, I’m really here in Oaxaca, Mexico, out of the country! Learning a foreign language and adapting to a foreign culture. Nobodyyy in my family has even thought about doing such a thing (Aint No Leavin the Country. LOl) It’s a “Dream To Me” (Big ups Dom Kennedy) .” It was a fr YOU GO GIRL moment, similar to the same feeling I had after being front row at the Beyoncé concert ( a story for another day LOL). I guess you can say it was a Kanye West “Can’t Tell Me Nothing” type vibe, yanno? Mhm. Wish I could give you this feeling.  I’m sure your dying to know what I’ve done all this week to get to this point of bliss. My plan was to blog my experience here daily but these Oaxacan streets have been running me rapid, Lo Siento. I’ll do better this week.

But here’s a list of this weeks events in short:

  • Lunes: First day of classes. I have grammatico for 2 hours and conversacion for 2 hours. Lunch was something amazing, Tacos con queso I think. Tour of el centro/ el zircolo (downtown). I instantly became addicted. Came home worn out and tired.
  • Martes: Class was coo. I moved on up to a more advanced conversacion class. I love my conversacion professor. He’s a free bird like myself, the 2 hours go by so fast ( and not just because I speak a word per minute LOL). Don’t remember what I had for lunch but it was something amazing I’m sure (Lunch is the primary meal here). After lunch we went to el zircolo and shopped till we dropped (“We “is the group of amazing girls and one guy that’s in my program. #soleducation)
  •  Miércoles- Class blah blah Lunch blah. Dancing classes!!!!!! We learned how to Salsa and Bachata ( I buss my bachata then I do my dab like woo! I hit my salsa widd my right hand up like woo!).  At dance class is when we met our Oaxaqueña BFF Desiree, the sweetest chica known to man, man. During dance class she peeped my natural salsa talent from afar LOL and taught me how to work my hips and shoulders. After class, she showed us around the city and took us to an amazing bar/restaurant. I ordered the salchicha de pavo (Turkey italian sausage kinda) w/ pappas ( Oaxaqueña mashed potatoes) (Don’t be surprised if I dedicate a blog just to Oaxaqueña comida). To drink I had a mojito fresca y a copa de vino (wine) (Don’t be surprised if I dedicate a blog to Oaxaqueña drinks) (Morelike, Don’t be surprised if I dedicate a blog to Wine! LOL) Anywho, it was alll soooo goood!
  • Jueves- Class blah. Lunch blah. El zircolo blah. But understand that this isn’t the average blah I’m referring to. This is the too much fun, too much energy used, went by so fast I can’t remember type Blah, okay? Okay.
  • Viernes- Ahhh Viernes, my love. Class blah. Lunch blah. Tour of Santo Domingo! One of the most beautiful places I’ve ever been with one of the most beautiful views I’ve ever seen. Possible place for my future wedding with Future LOl! El noche de Viernes: Desiree took us to a bar and dancing after. At the bar I tried a Michelada (Corona, Salsa, Lime juice I think, and Salt). It was okay but I probably wouldn’t get it again. Dancing was sooo much fun, the owner let us In Da Club (Word to 50) (Sidenote: I have an exchange partner that I speak with in English for 30 minutes and Spanish for 30 minutes, and he asked me if I liked 50 Cent because he likes “In Da Club” LOL! and I was like “doooo I like 50 cent?!?! Get Rich or Die Tryin fue el primero alblum que he comprado!!”) for the $free.99.  Anywho, those Mexican Gentelmen would not let me leave the dance floor. Nor would they stop spinning me LOL, good thing I know a lil ballet so I wasn’t too dizzy. At the end of each song, they tell you “Gracias’, “American Boys”(S/O Estelle) take note!
  • Sabado- I still have class on Saturdays…….
  • Domingo- Ahhh Today! Where my blog all began. We traveled a hour to Hierve de Agua to go hiking on the giant mountains and swimming in the springs. It was my first time hiking, it was hard and took my breath away literally, but I only fell once LOL!  I felt so accomplished when I got to the mountaintop (the promise land). As I looked over the mountaintop I heard “We Made It” (Drake Ft. Soulja Boy) come on LOL! Everything was so beautiful, like everything! The swim in the springs felt so good and it was a beautiful view from there as well. When we were done, we went to visit this big ole tree called the Tule i think. It was like 2000 years old. We had a lil niña for our tour guide, and she showed us all the different shapes, faces, things that could be interpreted on the tree. Then we went to the mercado de Tule, where I had the best quesadilla con queso y pollo of mi vidaaaaaaa!

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This upcoming week is going to be even more busy, but I’ll try my best to blog as much as I can! Hasta Luegaaaaa

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