Speed bumps, glass vials, and sickness

January 10, 2016

Well…I am officially sick.  Yesterday our program director took Amanda and I to the doctor who immediately prescribed us some medicine which I am praying works quickly.  To open one of the vials you had to break off the top which was glass and I of course cut my thumb which proceeded to mess with the fingerprint recognition of my phone so I was locked out for a little while today.  So a bloody thumb, annoying cough, and sleepless night made for a fun time in class as I struggle through subjunctive (which is not very common in English).  Thankfully, I was able to make it through until lunch which we had my favorite soup with a tlayuda (the special Oaxaquenen tamale).  I am so thankful that Gloria is a fantastic cook!  Today was an activity in a little village about 40 minutes away in the house of a family who has dedicated their life to making alebrijes.  These are super cool wooden carvings painted so intricately with astounding colors that they can captivate your attention for hours!  The man showed us how he began to carve away at the wood with a machete and then explained the long process it took to whittle away to get the shape you want (because there is no electrical machines or anything of that sort)  They then let us pick our own alebrije to paint and I chose the head of a jaguar to be painted pink and black!  Though I have no artistic ability, it really was relaxing to participate in this.  The wife and one of her daughters helped people who wanted more intricate designs on their animals.  I really recommend googling alebrijes in Oaxaca, Mexico so that you can see just how beautiful they are and how many different types there are to choose from!

I forgot to mention on the way to the village and back I got very motion sick because everywhere you travel there are speed bumps about every five seconds…………I hate speed bumps.

Today I learned that even though I have a consistent, debilitating cough I can feel my abs getting stronger. 🙂


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