The Origin Story

Between figuring out what to pack, what documents to finalize and copy (so many copies), and tying up loose ends with school, friends, and family I haven’t had anytime to really sit down and think about what is about to happen. This is an opportunity of epic proportions for me filled with so many firsts. First time on my own with, really, no one that I know. First time flying by myself. First flight longer than 3 hours. First time in Europe. First time being away from home for more than a month. First time being away from my boyfriend of 4+ years for more than a month and first long distance relationship.

It’s kind of intense thinking about all of that as I’m writing it down.Why am I doing this again? Oh yeah, because it’s an amazing opportunity and everything I’ve wanted to do since I was young.

Back to preparation; As for the cultural shock prep, I’ve been listening to a ton of Spanish music and trying to singing along. I’ve been reading news articles from Madrid, Barcelona, and of course, Granada. I cannot keep track of how many blogs I’ve read from other students who studied in Spain to prepare myself for things (mostly about packing and transportation) that will be new to me. Speaking of packing, I have a whole Pinterest board filled with things titled “How to pack for four months abroad” and “How to avoid looking like a tourist.” Super thankful that I have a roommate that went abroad to Austria for 6 months and has been giving me a rundown of all things study abroad. I think I may be over preparing but, better safe than sorry, right?

I have another week before my flight out, hopefully I’ll be able to gather my thoughts and things in that short amount of time.

Until I leave the US of A,


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