Three Tamale Limit

January 13, 2016

Life has a funny way of reinforcing the things you learn in class.  I have been learning about remedios caseros (house remedies) when lo and behold I get sick and get to experience them first had.  Around midnight last night I was coughing so hard that my host mom came and said I need to drink something so she made me tea with lime, honey, apple, and some garlic which really helped calm my cough down.  However, the struggle at school the next day was rough.  My teacher could tell that I was not feeling well and let me got home early so I could get some rest!  After sleeping from noon until almost 3, Gloria made a lunch of rice and chicken covered in mole sauce.  The mole sauce is very famous and has a unique taste to it!  I won’t say it’s my favorite dish, but I could see how some people would be obsessed with it.  Finishing lunch, we had some time to rest before we headed to Santo Domingo to meet our director Eva who was taking us to the cooking class at Luz’s house.  (such a scenic place)  There we spent about two hours preparing our meal of a chicken broth soup with vegetables, tamales with chicken and salsa (soooo flipping delicious!), and a dessert of this delicious boiled fruit and ice cream!  I was so full afterwards that I couldn’t even think street….straight up food coma!  Needless to say there is no way I would have made it back to our house walking so we decided to take a cab.  He tried to make us pay more than normal but we were able to tell him we knew the real price.  It was a nice ride back home as we got to travel down streets we don’t normally walk on and see some of the other places Oaxaca has to offer.  It’s such a deep city with meaningful graffiti everywhere that is so well done I would even consider it art!  I think just walking around and trying to understand all the wall art could be an activity in itself!  Oaxaca……you’re just so cool!

Today I learned that I have a three tamale limit before I begin to feel as if I’m about to explode!  🙂

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