A Step Closer to Happiness

After stuffing my last pair of shoes into my over-packed suitcase, I stared out of my bedroom window and listened to a local sell fruit to a few neighborhood kids. I smiled. My flight itinerary is lying on my desk and the wind is trying its hardest to blow it onto the floor.

Tomorrow evening I’ll be leaving Costa Rica. I don’t know if I want to believe it. I can still remember when I first arrived to the San Jose airport quite vividly. It was so much chaos. When I walked out of the airport I didn’t know if I was ready to study abroad or sign an autograph. Hundreds of people held signs and shouted for their love ones. I was so confused. I had never visited an airport that was anything like this. A few moments into my gaze I heard someone shout my name. Shortly after, I was in a minivan on my way to meet my host-mom, surrounded by strangers.

After unpacking my last bag, I grew a little nervous. Before I visited Costa Rica, I thought I was pretty good with Spanish, but just a few minutes into a conversation with my Heredian mother, I began to second guess myself. As night rolled around, I thought more about how my future here would be. I was very eager, and a bit nervous, to know what was on the menu that night as well. Surprisingly, my host-mom’s food made me feel a little more at home. “Maybe it won’t be to bad” I thought to myself while chewing on some steak.

I woke up the next morning to an adventure. The following day, another adventure. As each day passed, I began to grow more and more fond of Costa Rica. I woke up early every morning without my alarm clock.  I’ve never been so eager to start my day. From zip-lining through the rain forest, to rafting down some of the most violent water-rapids in the country, each day added a new page to my story; each day I stepped closer to happiness. My elementary Spanish class was even a shocker. Being the only student in the class, I was afraid that I wouldn’t get the full Spanish experience…I was wrong. My professor worked with me everyday, broke the reading’s down perfectly, and if  I had the chance, I’d want to be her only student again. Muchos Gracias Profesora.

My final presentation was today; I did better than I expected. After I hugged my teacher for the last time, I felt a sort of sadness. This sadness, however, was one that I’m not very familiar to. I’ve never enjoyed my time in college so much until now. Living here for just 3 weeks has taught me so much, and I’m so grateful for each and every moment. I’ve experienced and learned a great deal of information in this beautiful country, and even made a few life-long friends along the way. My host-mom is walking through the door now. I’m just as eager as I was my first night to see whats on the menu.


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