Without a compass

January 14, 2016


I wish I could send feelings through the internet.  Walking around the streets of Oaxaca with no particular hurry or place to be, stopping in stores just to look, conversing with random strangers about things like enjoy most here….it’s just so….indescribable.

This place makes amazing papas a la inglesa…but this was the first time I’ve seen it without a mile long line….just took a step back to appreciate it.



I supposed today was a good day because I started out the morning with un tamale dulce (a sweet tamale) that was oh so good!  Class was great, I am very pleased with the teacher I had who helped me with any question I had, corrected me every time I said something incorrectly (I really appreciated that!), and taught me so many helpful things!  Thank you Mary Carmen! You are awesome!  Class ended and I walked back home and enjoyed the heat that warmed my head causing me to realized how beautiful it is to see people walking the streets and passing the stores that are so unique!  I came home to Gloria sitting at the table trying to untangle some knotted necklaces.  We had some great conversations over that mess: her patients and kind heart still shining through a frustrating process.  Thank you Gloria for being such a sweet flower!  Lunch today was crema de Calabaza and tostadas…..I am so spoiled by all of this amazing food!  I had planned to go the markets for the afternoon, but it ended up being from 4:30 until 10:30….I just got lost in all the wonderful culture Oaxaca offers.  I walked up and down the streets, not particularly looking for things, but trying things that were offered (let me tell you….Mezcal can be dangerous!).  I was able to observe how people love to just stand around and listen to the local musicians, the way the street food venders work frantically to provide amazing food, and the fun times dads have with their kids chasing them around the Zocalo.  I met some of the street vendors and talked with them about their products or things of the United States, it was such a great way to practice my Spanish and get to know Oaxaca from a different perspective.  The walk home I just stopped a few times to just breathe it all in…the sky, the trees, the city lights…. I want to share with you the cool little birds that just hop in front of you as you walk (you would love it mom), I wish you could see the colors of the flowers that not only hang artfully from the tree but also fall to the streets making a scatter of purples, pinks, and creams, the hand crafted products that hang from every vendor’s tent that calls your attention, y’all would love the smell of the food that is cooking in the street.  Oaxaca is more than just something I am writing about……

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