Goodnight Oaxaca

January 15, 2016

Ugh.  This has been such a hard day.  Waking up knowing that it was my last day here just broke my heart.  I love Oaxaca!  On my last walk to school, I tried to soak it all in…absorb the colors around me, drink in all the sunshine, and immerse myself the culture that took place in every street we walked.  I had my final exam today and I was very impressed that I had minor corrections even though I had to write almost everything in paragraph form by memory.  I ended up making an A in the class, which made me very happy, but it was so hard to say goodbye to such a phenomenal teacher….I learned so much from her and could talk about anything to her like she was my friend.  After class was my last home-cooked meal from Gloria and it was delicious as usual.  Still wanting to do some last minute exploring, we went back to the markets after lunch and enjoyed ourselves.  Meeting up with Eva at the cathedral (where a bird pooped on Sarah….sooo funny!) we went to our last dance class…and boy was it fun!  We danced bachata and salsa, to which I had improved so much that I was able to do a lot more complicated moves with ease making it all so much more fun!  Following our dance classe, we went to get pizza with our dear friend Desiree (love you chica!).  We had a great time just talking, eating, and sharing stories.  When the meal was finished, not wanting to say goodbye yet, we went walking.  Stopping by Santo Domingo, there was an electric violin playing who chose appropriate songs for our last night in Oaxaca (Hello-Adele; Chandelier-Sia; See You Again-Wiz Kahlifa).  Feeling very sentimental due to the beautiful playing of this musician, we went to Zocalo for the last time.  It’s just so incredible there at night…the buzz of the energy, the smell of the street food vendors, the lights, the music….it’s so hard for me to leave all that behind.  Seeing how late it was, we decided it was time shed our tears and say our goodbyes.  (going to miss y’all)  The walk home was very special.  Looking behind, you could see the glow of the city center with all the buzzing energy, looking on the sides you could see the vibrantly painted houses, looking forward you could see the lights of the houses upon the hillsides of Oaxaca, and looking up you could see the same stars you’ve seen a million times but tonight they were more bright and beautiful than ever.  With that being said…thus ends my adventures with a big loud GOODNIGHT OAXACA!

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