Wow! What a stressful, exhausting and overall long trip to finally get to Costa Rica.  First, there was some issue checking in to my flight the day before so we were told to go to the airport even earlier (2-3hours before flight).  So, obviously I couldn’t sleep the night before so I slept a total of like 3 hours, woke up at 4:45 to get ready to leave and got to the airport at around 6am…for a 9am flight.  Ended up getting to the gate with two hours to spare, phew!

Then, I was stressed about making my connection because I only had 1 hour.  The flight was delayed which means that I had even less time to get to my next flight.  And, I later found out from my mom that my flight to Costa Rica was the only flight that day.  I ended up running to my next gate after making my way off the flight with every other stressed person trying to make their connection (at least I got some exercise in between my flights).

Finally I arrived in Costa Rica!  Went through customs and everything and made it to my host family’s house.  I sat and talked with my host parents for about an hour and half and they are absolutely wonderful people!  Super nice and active (they love to run).

Today’s breakfast was gallo pinto and eggs and it was absolutely delicious!  All day orientation starts at 10am.  I still can’t believe I’m finally here after waiting for almost a year.

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