First excursion: Punta Mona

This weekend we went on our first excursion to Punta Mona.  It was interesting.  I think I liked it but at the same time, I felt like 3 days was plenty.  The best way I can explain Punta Mona is a Berkeley co-op times a billion.  It is a group of people living in nature with zero waste.  The concept is very interesting, but for someone who prefers the beach and then a hotel with clean sheets and clean feet, this wasn’t exactly my cup of tea.

To get there, we had to wake up and meet at campus at 6am.  That was fine.  The problem was that I got car sick (as did like everyone else) on the ride.  I took a dramamine before but it didn’t help.  I fell asleep but we stopped for lunch in the middle and I was really out of it…but not enough to not enjoy my food (double negative?).  I got agua dulce, which is literally milk and sugar and delicious, and a yuka pancake (I forgot the real name).  Both were amazing!

Once we finally got to Punta Mona, after a 7 hour car ride and boat trip, we unpacked and made ourselves at home in the compostable toilet and outdoor showers home for the next three days.

IMG_5430.jpg(My room)

IMG_5436.jpg(composting toilets – you dump sawdust instead of water)

The first day we just went to the beach and relaxed.  The water was incredible! The perfect temperature and it was absolutely beautiful.  The next day we woke up and went to yoga.  My favorite part of the class was when a spider fell on my neck during child’s pose.  It really made it easy to relax during the class.  After yoga we had breakfast (which included a delicious homemade granola with fresh coconut milk).

Here is a photo of some food and the area we sat for eating:


The food was all very good, lots of rice and beans and fresh veggies from their garden.  Then we went to a natural mud bath.  I am the one in the blue bathing suit.


IMG_5449.jpgThe mud bath was really fun.  I don’t know if it really made my hair that soft but it was still really fun.  An ant bit me on the way there, which hurt but the mud made it feel better, woohoo!

Then we came back and made homemade chocolate.  We didn’t eat the chocolate until the chocolate ceremony later that night.  The ceremony was interesting.  We sat around in a circle and passed around the chocolate and sang songs about earth.  It was all a bit of a culture shock, but a great learning experience.  It was interesting seeing that people really do feel a deep connection with the earth itself, something that I do not necessarily share.

Then my favorite part.  The next day we were supposed to leave on boat and then drive back to Heredia.  However, there was a storm that day so the water was too rough to take the boat so we ended up walking through the jungle.  My shoes got drenched in mud but it was definitely my favorite part of the weekend.  Finally we made it back to the bus and drove but not before stopping at a soda and getting more food.  I got patacones which are fried plantains with guacamole and refried beans.  I really enjoyed it obviously.

Overall the trip was quite a learning experience.  I am glad that I was able to go and have that experience.  It definitely puts things into perspective.

Also, here is a photo of my lunch from yesterday made by my own mama tica.  It was incredible!

IMG_5422.jpgThat’s all for now!

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