2 Weekiversary

It’s almost been 2 weeks since I first arrived here in Costa Rica.  It’s officially two weeks tomorrow (Saturday) but I had some time after lunch (spaghetti) to write a blog post so I figured I’ll just celebrate early.

I’m finally getting into the hang of everything here, feeling like a local and all.  Classes are good.  I really like my Spanish class but I’m nervous about my history of Costa Rica class (it seems like a lot of work and the teacher can be a bit confusing).

This week we went to a Costa Rican cooking class where we learned how to make a bunch of different typical Costa Rican dishes, my favorite being the gallo pinto.  IMG_5510.jpg

We also made pico de gallo, a plantain tamale, a cheese tortilla and some dessert.

IMG_5493.jpg(cheese tortilla)

The drive back we were stuck in traffic so it took way longer than it should have.  But that’s ok because I’d rather be stuck in traffic in Costa Rica.


My host family is the absolute sweetest!  My host mom (mama tica) and host dad (papa tico) are absolutely wonderful and make me feel like I’m in my own home.  I’m finally sleeping in past 5:30am, which is great.  I started drinking coffee which is new, however, I’ve been told not completely unheard of.  Apparently even if you don’t drink coffee before you come to Costa Rica, you will be drinking it by the end of the trip.

I’ve been getting lots of ice cream because it is conveniently located at the mall a 2 minute walk from my house.  IMG_5444.jpg(Tiramisu gelato)

I really like the way people greet each other here.  They give a kiss on the cheek and I think it is a really sweet way to say hi.  But, my favorite part of the trip so far has obviously been the food.

IMG_5555.jpg(gallo pinto for breakfast this morning)

IMG_5540.jpg(Me and some of my friends from the group outside my house – with the Costa Rican flag)

So far so good.  It is our first free weekend this weekend and my friends and I are still in the process of figuring out what to do.  In the meantime, here is a photo that my host dad sent me:



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