3 week check in

First, for anyone considering coming to Costa Rica, I highly suggest bug spray.  I did not bring any, have not bought any and really haven’t used any AND it is incredibly obvious.  I have bug bites up and down my body, from my face to my feet.  As attractive as they are, I’d prefer not to have them.  Most don’t itch that much anymore, but still seeing all the red dots all over my skin isn’t really the greatest.  I seem to get at least one new one each day so that’s always a nice surprise to look forward to in the morning.

This week was the last week of classes before a nice break for 3 weeks because I have the next module off.  I am planning on traveling around during these 3 weeks, possibly going to Playa Conchal, but I haven’t really decided.  That should be fun!

The food continues to be delicious.  I still get ice cream almost everyday and now have a stash of chocolate in my room in case I want something when I come home.  I really like these ones called “tapitas” which is literally just milk chocolate with crispy rice, so like a crunch bar.  I also found this candy shop that sells Baby Ruth’s, my favorite, so if I’m feeling real homesick I’ll go there and get some.

This past weekend we had free so I went dancing at this place called Típico Latino on Friday and Saturday.  I “learned” lots of new dances and made some friends.

IMG_5658 (5)

IMG_5609(My friend Mario)

IMG_5626(a screenshot of a snapchat)

Dancing was really really fun! I need to practice more but that’s what the other free weekends are for.

I’m sick which is unfortunate and kind of putting a damper on things.  But other than that, Costa Rica is great!

Here is a photo of another meal that I’ve had.  The plátanos maduros are my favorite!


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