My newest adventure

Let me preface this all by saying, I have no idea how to write a blog, but I am so excited to call Argentina my home for the next five months and cannot wait to share it with everyone that I know. After my first weekend here, I can easily say that spending 11 hours on a plane with a screaming child was absolutely worth it (although I don’t ever really want to relive that). I also got a little lost in the Ezeiza Airport, but that’s not important. After waiting in line for an hour to exchange currency and then sitting on a bus for another hour, I finally met my host mother Teresa. Easily one of the sweetest people I have ever met. She only speaks Spanish which was super intimidating at first, but I can already tell my Spanish is getting insanely better and it’s only been two full days.

Yesterday, I met our entire group and it was magical. I could be saying that because we spent a solid hour or two at a restaurant eating the best meat that I will probably ever have in my life. I could also be saying that because we all get along so well which is going to make this whole experience a whole lot better. We spent the rest of the day exploring a couple pieces of the huge, perfect city with our guide, Raul, and his wife. Both are also super sweet and so excited to be sharing this city. It is absolutely amazing. La Boca is the area in the picture at the end. It was so colorful and full of history and so much culture and I am absolutely in love with it. Well, in love with the part on the side of the train tracks that we are allowed to stay on. There were so many stray dogs wandering around and I have never had to control my urge to pet every single one more than I had yesterday. It was so hard. We also visited an antique market in San Telmo which was beautiful and I cannot wait to go back and spend all of my money.

After exploring the city, my roommate and I went back home to relax and eat something delicious that involved a lot of cheese and maybe spinach, I’m not really sure, but it was amazing and I would eat it again every day. Then, thank god, there were places like The Mo where we could watch the Superbowl and I was able to see my Broncos win while drinking (coke, dad) with a bunch of other Americans that just needed to watch some American football. It was amazing and is the perfect place to go if I’m ever feeling a little homesick.

Today and tomorrow are Carnaval. It’s a lot smaller here than in Brazil, but it’s still a thing and I am so excited to get to experience such a huge piece of the culture while I am here, and in the first week no less. It’s gonna be perfect. So, I’m not really sure how to end this or how often to write, but there will be more updates to come!

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