Week one: Success

So it’s been about a week since getting here. Honestly, it feels like we’ve been here so much longer. We have packed so much stuff into such a little amount of time, it’s mildly exhausting, but that’s really the only bad thing that I have to say about it (other than it’s super hot and I haven’t stopped sweating since being here). We’ve seen so much and been given so many tips about where to go that it just makes me more and more excited to explore this amazing city with all of these amazing people!

This past week we explored Recoleta cemetery which was absolutely gorgeous. I want to put all of my life savings into a tomb there (actually somebody did save all of their money for a tomb there and then committed suicide so that they could have it sooner… fun fact?). There is so much history in this cemetery and we only saw like a quarter of it. I am in love. We spent quite some time at the tomb of Eva Peron who is basically like Argentina’s feminist goddess and if you don’t know much about her, you should look her up. She did some amazing things in a time where that really wasn’t the norm. It was only like one of two tombs that had flowers on it. Apparently there isn’t a time when there aren’t flowers on it, and I think that’s really beautiful. This is her tomb, along with the rest of her family’s.20160209_161915.jpg

This past week we also explored some of the parks in the Palermo neighborhood (there are like 100 more parks and a zoo that I want to go to just in that area). But the parks were absolutely gorgeous. We went to the rose garden and there were copious amounts of all different colored roses. And this was during their off season. My dream is to be there when they’re in full bloom around October or November. It was pure perfection and I cannot wait to go back and just relax there. 20160212_181207.jpg 20160212_175110.jpg

Finally, this weekend I got to go to Gualeguaychu with a few of the girls from my program and a few girls from another. We went for Carnaval and it was probably one of the coolest things that I have ever seen. It’s the third most important Carnaval celebration in Latin America, I believe. We spent the day at the hot springs near town (6 hours is too much time to be at the hot springs). It gave us all a really great opportunity to get to know each other. Then we went into town and it was absolutely gorgeous. It was so cute and there was so much going on. We had about an hour to just explore which gave me more time to get to know some of the other girls and walk around a place that I may not get to see again. We then ate dinner where we were forced to dance to a song that we had already listened to like 6 times because our bus driver was trying to get us all pumped up. It was super fun, other than people commenting on just how little we could understand. After dinner, we went to the show (which was also super long, but amazing). We watched essentially three different phases of life through the parades and it was so great. Everyone was having a great time drinking, dancing, and taking in just how much work went into something like that. All I can say is if that’s the third most important Carnaval celebration, I really can’t imagine the others must be like, because that was unlike anything I had ever seen. 20160213_192713.jpg20160213_200031.jpg20160214_005432.jpg

Now we’re kind of getting the hang of things here, I think, and I am super pumped about that. I think this week we may go see a movie or something and then we’re going to the beach this weekend. I am honestly so excited to just do average and relaxing things for a bit before coming back and feeling the need to explore everything again within the span of a week.

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