I figured at least one of my posts needs to be devoted completely to food.  My mom says that my blog is more of a food blog than a trip blog to begin with, but this is going to be purely about the food I have been eating.  There has a been a lot and it is all very good.

One difference I have noticed between the food here and the food at home, at least for myself, is that there is meat everywhere here.  I have meat for (pretty much) every meal.  It definitely took some getting used to and I don’t know if I would necessarily continue it when I go home.  But, for now, I am enjoying all the food.

My favorite food here is gallo pinto.  It was my favorite when I visited with my family and it is still my favorite.  There really can’t be anything wrong with rice and beans mixed together.  I really like the cheese they have here to serve with it.

IMG_5874 (1).jpg(gallo pinto for breakfast with that cheese that I don’t know the name of and papaya)

IMG_6026.jpg(gallo pinto with that same delicious cheese and plátanos maduros, which are tied for my favorite food actually)

I’ve also noticed, although I could be wrong, that lunch is the big meal of the day.  Being someone who prefers snacking throughout the day rather than having huge meals, this was quite an adjustment because after eating a feast for lunch the only thing I want to do is take a nap (and I normally do).  All the food is absolutely beautiful and I will for sure be recreating some of it when I go home (most likely the rice, beans and plantains because I can eat that for every meal).

IMG_5704.jpg(one of the best lunches I’ve had here.  Chicken and rice, beans, avocado, plátanos maduros and salad)

The salad is really good here! My favorite is thinly sliced cabbage with tomatoes and cucumbers.  It’s really refreshing because my host family doesn’t put anything on it but lemon juice and salt.

Besides all the savory food, the amount of ice cream I have consumed since coming here is insane.  I rarely eat ice cream at home, I usually go for a nice bubble tea/boba.  But, since that is nowhere to be found here, ice cream is the next best option.  By far the best ice cream I’ve eaten here was this wonderful mixture of brownies, “crema chips” ice cream (my favorite here), whipped cream, chocolate sauce and peanuts.  It was beautiful and delicious.

IMG_6083 (1).jpg

Also, my host mom made the best budín, which is bread pudding.  It is a really interesting texture because it is harder than regular bread pudding and a little chewy.  It’s not super sweet, which is good.

IMG_6095.jpg(a bad picture of the budín)

All in all, the food has definitely been my favorite part of the trip.  While I certainly miss the food at home, I am not going to complain about what I’ve been eating here.  My jeans might not fit quite as well but that’s fine by me.

To close here are two more pictures of the amazing ice cream.


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