Week 3: Almost Starting Real School

This past weekend we went to Mar del Plata which is like 5 hours away from Buenos Aires. We were on a little bus and were all smooshed together so it was fairly uncomfortable, but I’d say that we bonded. Anyway, Mar del Plata is a beach town with a bunch of coastline and so many things to do. We spent Saturday touring the town as a group and we also took an incredible boat ride where we all got ridiculous sunburns. Good times. There were so many sea lion (which will be called sea wolves from this point forward because that’s what they are called in Spanish, and frankly, it is just better). They were fat and adorable and I am still determined to take one home with me. 600 pounds is only a little overweight for luggage… right? Right. Anyway, there was a colony of them and we got to admire them. The males have monstrously fat heads and when they try to fight, they just fall forward on their stomachs and it is hilarious and I want to watch it all day. There was a dog at the colony that was too ballsy for his own good. He was trying to fight with the sea wolves and then ran into the water right when they all did. I aim to be that like that dog in my daily life. 12778694_529830490519943_4292069843660467378_o.jpgThis is all of us at right before the boat ride. The couple in the front is my program director and his wife and basically the cutest couple that I have ever met.

20160220_130016.jpgThis is the dog that took on the sea wolf. He is everything that I strive to be and so much more.

20160220_161313And this is what Mar del Plata looks like. This does it no justice. It was perfect.

Anyway, the beach was absolutely amazing and I want to go back, even if we have to walk uphill both ways basically to get to and from the beach. Details. Now we’re back in Buenos Aires and are really starting to get into the study part of the study abroad (this is just for you, mom). This month is an intensive month of Spanish and our final exams are next week and I have a presentation this week and also I’m trying to figure out the visa process still. I just finished picking out my classes for this actual semester and I am pretty pumped about them, but they don’t start until the middle of March. In the mean time, there’s a trip to Chile in the works. Also, my sister just booked her flight and hotel to come visit for Easter. And in 1 week and 5 days I will be registering for my first semester of my senior year. Good things are happening! 20160220_113205 (1)Here are some fabulous people that I am travelling with. This experience would be completely different without this group.

Finally, I shall leave you with the vertebrae of a blue whale.

20160220_112105Bye fam!


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