The best month of my life.

So it has officially been a month since I got onto a plane to go to a place that I knew nothing about for five months with people I had never met in my life. And, I have to say, I couldn’t ask for a better month in a better place with better people. I have never felt so comfortable with a group of people so quickly ever. It has been magical and I am so lucky to get to share these experiences with all of them.

Now that I have let the sappiness out, back to my adventures. We’ve been to multiple art museums and they are honestly the most beautiful museums I have been to. MALBA was completely full of pieces by every artist that we know and so many that we ought to know. Getting to be in the presence of so many important pieces of work was perfect. We spent over an hour there and I still feel like we only scratched the surface of what is there. Basically how I feel about every single place that I have been to here. Luckily I have four more months to explore, but if they go as fast as this first month, I’m only going to scratch the surface of this city. These are a couple of my favorite pieces from the museums:20160224_194923 (1)20160301_180221

On another note, I went to my first boliche (night club) here about a week ago. It was crazy. Everyone was completely packed in and dancing (everyone in Argentina is really amazing at dancing) and having an amazing time. It was so much fun, but it’s so hard going out at the time that I would be coming home from a night out at home. People basically go clubbing from like 2 in the morning until 7. Anyone that knows me knows that this is extremely hard for me… If it were my choice, I would be asleep by 10 every night, but I did it and it was fabulous. I have to say, half the fun was getting to the boliche. We walked around and explored and found some amazing graffiti. 20160228_021700

And finally, the main reason for this post: Uruguay. We have this week off from school so a group of us decided to spend a few days in Uruguay which is probably the 2nd best decision I have ever made (the first being coming to Argentina). We spent the first day in Colonia which is just an adorable little small town. It’s full of cute little shops with a bunch of handmade things. It was also an incredibly nice break from the loudness and craziness of being in a huge city. We got to walk around a little bit in town and then got to relax a little bit by the water. I can honestly say that I was probably the most relaxed I have ever been when I was in Colonia. Here is an adorable picture of Colonia ft Lisa:20160305_160420

After spending a day in Colonia, we went to Montevideo. We didn’t get to see much there because the terrible service at a restaurant took up a majority of the day, but we still managed to make the most of it. After we FINALLY got to leave the restaurant, we walked around a bit and found a beach. We found a random ball and played kickball for a bit and then found a much better place to eat dinner and tell each other what we loved about each person on the trip. It was magical. Hopefully I’ll get to go back and really get to see the city, but until then, I have some cute pictures to remember it by. Cue photo collage:

Finally, we spent three days in Punta del Este. This is probably the cutest and most relaxed beach town I have ever been to. I cannot wait to go back. We went to one of the smaller beaches so we basically had it to ourselves and some adorable dogs came to lay with us. Also, our hostel had a bunch of dogs that resided there so I would call it a success. For the first two days in Punta we spent our time in La Barra which is where our hostel was and we somehow managed to become regulars at a restaurant after 24 hours (we may or may not have had 3 meals there). How could we not? They gave us free brownies. They also had the cutest picturesque beach houses and surf shops. I’m not one to say that I could live on the beach, but if I could, it would be this one. On our last day, we went to the real Punta del Este beach to visit Los Dedos which is a sculpture of giant fingers coming out of the sand. Then we walked around some tourist shops to get some souvenirs. We also stopped in the best bookstore I have ever seen and I got more books even though I can’t even finish reading the books that I already have. It’s fine. Anyway, please enjoy this picture of me sitting in a giant hand sculpture. 20160309_170645(0)

Now I am back in Buenos Aires, and I gotta say I am glad. I missed my host mom and sleeping in my own bed. That being said, I cannot wait to go back to Uruguay. It’s easily the best place I have ever been. 20160309_182048

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