Approaching the Halfway Mark

So it’s been a while since writing (sorry), but per usual, the time here has been perfect. I have continued growing closer to the other people in our program, and we added a few more people to the group when we got back from Uruguay, and although I don’t know them as much as I would like, they are all pretty fabulous! We’re almost halfway through this experience and I am starting to realize how much I am going to miss it already. Anyway, back to the adventures.

I’ve pretty much gotten used to Buenos Aires being my home at this point, so the last couple of weeks have been pretty uneventful for the most part. School is officially in full swing, I love all of my classes, I’m continuing to explore the city and practice spanish, we’ve gone out to a couple of bars/boliches. Nothing too extreme has happened.

But wait. My sister came for Easter!

It was so amazing to see someone from my family for at least a little bit. It has been amazing to meet so many people here, but a piece of home is nice every once in a while (especially when that piece of home comes bearing snacks like trail mix with all of the raisins picked out). Her visit gave me the opportunity to go back to some of the  sites that I haven’t been to since the first week, like La Boca. We also got partake in the amazing march to mark 40 years since their precious dictatorship started. It was extremely interesting to me that they marched for the start of the dictatorship, but it’s so that they remember it as a whole and so that it never happens again, and I think that’s super cool. Anyways, we also got to visit San Telmo and met this nice man that we bought paintings from that gave us cookies and coins from Patagonia from Argentina’s bicentennial. We also saw a few other major tourist sites like the Recoleta Cemetery, MALBA, El Ateneo bookstore, the tulip that opens with the sun and closes at night, and, of course, a wine tasting. I think it’s safe to say that we walked more of Buenos Aires than I would care to admit, but it was perfect. Unfortunately, she headed back to the US last night and landed a few hours ago. Here are some pictures of her visit; enjoy. It’ll be like we were all there together.


This is part of the march for remembrance of the dictatorship and the 30,000 people that disappeared as a result.


This is what the Obelisco looked like for the march; one side said “Memoria,” one said “Justicia,” one said “Verdad,” and the last said “40 años”


This is la Iglesia de San Agustin. It’s a beautiful Italian Gothic church that we stumbled upon on our walk to MALBA.


This was a piece of work at the temporary exhibit at MALBA that everyone in BsAs should go see because it is magnificent.


This is the flower that opens in the morning and shuts at night. It is amazing. It’s also right next to the public law school which is also gorgeous.


Casual run in with single-toned Pope Francis in El Caminito en La Boca.


And finally, the wine tasting. Literally best wine I have ever had, and anyone who has had Argentinean wine and disagrees is just wrong. Well, the wine in Mendoza is probably better, but more on that later.

That’s pretty much all that has happened thus far, but we are all going to Mendoza for some wine tastings and cool outdoor adventures so I’m sure another blog post is not far behind!


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