Less than one month left

It’s really unbelievable that I have less than one month left here in Costa Rica.  I have mixed feelings about this.  On the one hand, I cannot wait to see my friends and family back home (although my family is visiting me next weekend).  On the other, I really will miss a lot about living here in Costa Rica.  It is truly amazing that I can officially say that I am living/have lived for 2 months in Costa Rica.

IMG_6817.jpg(picking my friend Charlie up from the airport)

This past week was Semana Santa, or Holy Week.  The whole country gets the week off, and many use this to take trips around the country.  I myself took a trip with a large group of my friends to Playa Uvita and Manuel Antonio.  Both places, although extremely hot, were also extremely fun!  I have to say that I much preferred Manuel Antonio to Playa Uvita, but I am certainly not complaining that I got to go to Playa Uvita as well.

IMG_0366.jpg(Charlie modeling the hostel life in Uvita)

Although it was meant to be a vacation, we definitely packed the week full of activities, albeit luxurious activities.  We left Monday at 3pm from San Jose and arrived in Uvita at around 9pm.  The next day we went to the beach and waterfalls, my friends slid down a natural slide but I was happy to just take the videos.  Then we went to Bahía Ballena, a beach shaped like a whale’s tale.  The amount of times my friends and I said to each other how amazing it was that we were just hanging out on a beach for the week was too many to count.  But truly, we were in awe the entire vacation and couldn’t believe we were actually there.

IMG_6892.jpg(The group for Manuel Antonio.  This photo is incredibly deceiving because we were all dripping sweat because it was well into the 90s the whole time we were there but the photo came out surprisingly decent)

Then Manuel Antonio on Thursday.  We woke up at 4am to catch the bus from Uvita to Manuel Antonio.  Got to Manuel Antonio by 7, checked into our hostel and went to the beach all by 8am.  My friends went parasailing, we ate breakfast (delicious!) and then went to Manuel Antonio park.  We walked through the park, didn’t take a tour, and went to the beach.  Also, important to note that we saw monkeys and sloths on the walk to our beach.  The water was incredible and the weather was absolutely perfect!

IMG_6884.jpg(View from the hostel in Manuel Antonio)

The amount of ice cream I ate this week was insane, but all worth it.  Definitely try “Dos Piños” brand anything when you come here.  The last day was all about relaxing because the exhaustion from the week hit us hard.  We woke up leisurely at around 7:30 and just hung out at the beach the whole day.

IMG_6877.jpg(Hostel living in Uvita ft. Charlie’s sunburn)

Finally, we left on Saturday and my friend and I stayed in San Jose for the night.  Because it was the day before Easter, the central market was pretty much closed so we just drank tea and hung out in the hostel for the night.

IMG_6903.jpg(Dos Piños ice cream.  Delicious!)

The week was amazing and full of fun activities!  It was nice to feel so exhausted by the end of the day everyday!  I didn’t speak much Spanish the whole week and was definitely rusty when I came back to Heredia but it was a very nice break nonetheless.

IMG_6893.jpg(Ice cream in Manuel Antonio)

Also, be sure to bring your sunscreen because the sun is strong and you will certainly get sunburned if you don’t (pretty much everyone in my group for Semana Santa will vouch for this).

IMG_0533.jpg(Waiting for the bus back to San Jose from Manuel Antonio)

IMG_6851.jpg(Final hostel picture from Uvita)

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