Mendoza: My future second home.

Well, I started writing this blog post a couple of weeks ago when we got back from Mendoza (my future home) AKA the best wine country basically ever. We spent a weekend there after a very tedious, but also pretty pleasant 15 hour bus ride. The first day we were there, we got to spend the day doing tours. Our first tour was of an olive oil company, which sounds kind of lame, but oh my god it was amazing. These people can make anything out of olive oil, but they can also just make some really delicious olive oil. I mean, just look at this place. Good things have to come from it.

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After eating way too much olive oil and buying two bottles and some body oil (don’t knock it till you’ve rocked it), we went to a couple of wineries. The first winery was amazing, well, they both were, but oh my god. We toured the facility and went through the entire process and got to try a couple of wines a different points in the process. Then, we got to sit and do an actual tasting which was right up my ally. Basically everyone in the program hates wine, so my friend and I were given the responsibility of finishing their tastings (it’s a rough life). After buying a bottle for myself, we were off to the next winery for lunch. Lunch was adorable. We got to sit outside this beautiful house where the winery is with cute, white patio furniture and picnic blankets, and little lunchboxes and sunhats. Anyway, after lunch, a bunch of people chose to relax outside instead of taking the wine tour. Being the person that I am, I could not do that. And I’m glad I didn’t because it was amazing inside. The wine cellar was basically endless and there was a cellar specifically of bottles that the owners keep for themselves that has more wine than I will drink in my lifetime. Unfortunately we didn’t get to taste wine here, but it was still amazing and I bought a bottle for my sister… Hopefully it’s good. Here are the wineries:

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The next couple of days were spent exploring the city that we were in which was adorable and gorgeous and full of history (my kind of place). We also spent a lot of time in the Andes which was the most beautiful landscape I have ever seen. I am in love. The first day in the Andes was just spent hiking through Aconcagua which is the highest peak outside of Asia, so that’s a cool thing. Before that though we went to this amazing little market and natural bridge that was just breathtaking. It was all gorgeous; I cannot stress that enough. However, even the base of the mountains were really high up, so needless to say, everyone was pretty out of breath from the altitude (I felt right at home). After hiking, we went to this adorable restaurant on the way back from the mountains that had empanadas and meat that were to die for. The next day was one I will never forget. We went back to the mountains and split into two groups for some mountainous activities. One group went white water rafting and our group went zip-lining. I had never been before so that was an experience. I am so glad I went. There were probably about 5 or 6 lines that we went through and on the last one, I went with an instructor and got to go upside down. It was terrifying and magical and I want to go again. Unfortunately that was where our adventures in Mendoza ended and we were off on another 16 hour bus ride back to Buenos Aires. We got back to the city at like 9 in the morning and then had class later in the day. That was a bummer, but so worth it. If anyone is ever given the opportunity to go to Mendoza, they should take it without hesitation. It is perfect.

I would not trade this experience for anything and would give a whole lot to go back. A lot has also happened since then, so another blog post is to come shortly!

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