Scottish festival, cooking class, and everything in between

Post-Mendoza life has been pretty hectic, but also pretty perfect. I guess the first notable thing that happened would be going to the Scottish Festival back in the city. Buenos Aires has a HUGE European influence in it so this festival was amazing. There were a lot of bagpipes, dancers, and men in kilts. What more could you need? Oh, maybe a vendor that sells jewelry boxes that look like the book with teeth from Harry Potter or that have maps of Mordor and Middle Earth (I may or may not have purchased it that one). But seriously, the vendors were so cool. There were people selling drinks in horns and maps and all sorts of cool cultural things. It will never cease to amaze me just how culturally diverse this city is. The Japanese Festival was the same day, unfortunately I missed that one. I think there were will be enough other festivals that I will be able to make up for that one. Anyway, I absolutely recommend going to your local Scottish Festival.. If that’s a thing that you have.


I guess the next major thing would be our trip to El Tigre Delta on a boat tour. It was pretty cool. All of the houses are basically in the river, but on stilts to avoid flooding. You literally needed a boat to get to them. We also passed a bar that was also on stilts; so at least they will never go thirsty? Anyway, after the boat tour, we went to an adorable farmer’s market which is the absolute perfect place to find souvenirs. I will have to go back. There’s also a pretty cool looking amusement park that is right by the river that I plan to make my way to. Here’s a beautiful church that we stopped by on our way to the boat tour:

Next, we went to a tango show (finally)! It was beautiful. It’s such a huge part of Argentina’s culture; I am so happy that I got to experience it. It also made me realize that I really cannot dance and my body will never move like that. It takes serious talent. I can’t imagine being able to tell a story just through the movements of your body; honestly, I am still in awe of it. Unfortunately, we weren’t allowed to take pictures of the show, but if you can go see a tango show, especially an authentic Argentine show, do it. You will not be sorry. In place of a tango picture, here is Chris playing tour guide in an art exhibit that was in the same center as the show:

2016-04-22 19.39.47

And guess what? I am a legal student here! Almost. We went to our final visa appointment this past week thank god. I am almost up to that 90 day mark… In just 2 short weeks, I can take the final step to get my student visa (this process is endless I am pretty sure.) I think that they probably just let you stay forever if you have the patience to finish the visa process. Anyway, here are some pictures of the area around where the visa appointment was, because why not? Also it’s right by where I live so you get to take a little peak into my daily life. You’re welcome.

Next thing on the list, the International Book Fair is here. I went. Pretty sure I died and went to Heaven. Overwhelming, book lover Heaven. There are hundreds of vendors from all over the world that come to sell their books at this fair. We spent over 4 hours there and I don’t think we even saw half of the vendors. We did see the U.S. Embassy’s booth, which had a virtual reality goggle station and romantic stories and a book about Steve Jobs, so all good things… It was so cool to see classic books in Spanish, books from other cultures, and everything in between. Any book you could possibly think of, it was there, at least 100 times in every cover and edition there ever was. HEAVEN. I must go back. Just look at the cute little Disney books.

2016-04-29 15.18.42

This past Monday, I went to La Bomba del Tiempo with a group of friends. It’s this killer drum show that will basically be in any tourist book that you get of Buenos Aires. It was so cool. It was basically in this old warehouse and this group of drummers (that has been doing this for 10 years) just slays the percussion game for like 2 straight hours. It was so great. Honestly, any show in this city is great. Everyone is freaking talented. Come to Argentina, see a show; you’ll see what I mean. Actually, don’t even see a show. Just get on a Subte; that’s where 90% of the talent is. But also see a show.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

This past Thursday was our cooking class where we learned how to make empanadas (it is kind of hard, but also delicious). I will never get tired of empanadas. Then, we ate the empanadas. A lot of them. I can’t even explain how many there were and how many we ate. I easily had 15. Then they brought out more food because it was also the birthday of our fabulous director, Raul and another person in the program, Fiona. After cooking, there was a party for Raul with a bunch of his family and friends which was just fabulous. They are all just perfect people and I cannot believe he let us hang out with them. It was amazing. But, so. Much. Food. Pretty sure I ate my weight and then some in food. Look how happy everyone is!

Last night, we went to another drum show. Like I side, freaking talented city. Raul’s son Rodrigo was performing at this show. It started at 12 and went All. Night. I am still exhausted. There were a ton of different groups that performed and once again proved that I have zero rhythm. Each group performed for a bit, and then during the transition it basically turned into a night club with loud music and crazy amounts of people, yet we still somehow managed to see just about every Argentinian that we knew… weird how that works. Percussion shows are really cool though; everyone gets so into it! If you haven’t gone go (realizing how much I am saying that, but it is always true). I do not have pictures, just crazy videos, so I will spare you all (and myself) and not post those.

And FINALLY. Today, we just studied for a bit (after waking up at like 1 in the afternoon) and then went to the market in Recoleta. I haven’t been to this market in a while which is probably a good thing because everything there, I want it. I found some souvenirs and got to take a pretty nice break from studying for midterms so it was a win-win. Also we saw a dog walking around with a balloon in his mouth so I think we came out on top. Also, Chris is a fellow brother of APO and my fabulous chapter just chartered today so we got to take an adorable brother picture in the heart of Recoleta in order to celebrate since I couldn’t be there for the ceremony. It was a pretty solid day. Just look at it.


Sorry for the long post… This is what happens when i forgot that I am supposed to be a blogger over these five months… I’m trying! Chau for now.

Edit: We also went to an estancia last weekend which was magical. It’s a ranch and we got to eat amazing empanadas (the best I have had since being here), ride horses, watch a traditional gaucho game, ride the horse with the gaucho, and explore the home and church of the people that lived there and started the ranch (yeah, they had their own church). We also got to watch a traditional folklore show which was so cool. The dancing was amazing, the music was fabulous, and we got some killer asado (platefuls of meat. all of the meat). Overall a really successful day. I can’t believe I forgot about it!estancia

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