From yours truly, the worst blogger ever.

Saludos from Oaxaca!

It’s already almost been a week here in the caluroso Oaxaca and I’m finally writing my first blog post. I’m writing to you live from one of the many coffee shops here in the city close to the Santo Domingo church (said to be the most beautiful church in Mexico).


To sum things up we’re always eating and always sweating. The city has so many things to do! There’s free and practically free museums, movie festivals, dance lessons in the streets, and plays at beautiful theaters. Yesterday we went to a dance lesson that was SO MUCH FUN. Everyone sweat their butts off and had a blast.

Oaxaca is a beautiful and peaceful city loaded with culture. The people here are extremely nice and always in a great mood. They are also loud and confident about voicing their opinions about injustices. Right now all of the teachers of public schools in the city are on strike to demonstrate against the recent decisions taken by the government. Every single teacher has been camping in tents in the streets of the city blocking entire roads off with their tent cities. The other night on the way home from exploring the streets around Santo Domingo it started to rain like I have never seen before in my life, and in those moments I was thankful for the tent city of the teachers. Mis amigos and I ran under the tarps stretched across the streets dodging tents and umbrellas in attempts to stay dry in the semi-flood occurring. In the end we all got soaked and jumped into a taxi. We laughed through the entire adventure and were thankful for the rain too, because it cooled us off after another hot day under the Oaxaca sun.

{these are pictures of the tent city from today but not the day it was raining}

For now,

Hasta luego!

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