(dos.) 5 days left!


Only 5 more days before our trip! We had our first exam Monday and now our second one on Thursday, tomorrow, and that’s our last class here! It’s crazy to think that our next one will be in the heart of Barcelona! At least we’re getting credit for Spanish IV and Spanish Conversation, right?

I’m flying out on Monday the 13th and will be arriving into Paris, France at 8:49am. I don’t know what I’m more excited to see, the Eiffel tower, the Louvre, or Versailles. I will be met at the airport by a tour guide (thanks to my aunt for getting me in contact), who will be taking me around and showing me all the “sights to see” and “places to be.” I fly out midday so I will be pretty jet lagged and tired when I arrive, but I have one day to explore and I better make it count!

The next morning I am flying out to Barcelona on a quick two hour long flight and arriving to find Profesora Emberson there waiting with my Metro Pass. We are staying at a hip, downtown hostel called TwentyTu, minutes from the beach and amazing bus system. Since moving to Austin, I have to say, I do miss having super easy access public transpo. I’m sure I won’t miss it long, since that’s our main means of travel in Spain. We are mostly going to be waking up super early and spending the light hours of the day together as a group. Until we reach Granada, there won’t be too much class time. There will, however, be plenty of free time for más sangria and tapas. We aren’t provided food in Barcelona so we will be trying many cool restaurants. I’m super excited to try one called the Taverna Hofmann, where they have imposter foods. I’m talking about white chocolate covered mousse with mango ganauche in the center in the shape of an…..egg! Check out the link, and stay tuned for my personal video of these amazingly confusing Catalan dishes, coming to you in a week.

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