(uno.) introdución

!Hola! My name is Lany Sepiashvili and I’ll be going to study abroad in Spain in less than 5 days. Guess what? I’m going to be bringing you along with me! You’re invited to join me in New York, Paris, Madrid, Barcelona, Granada and Prague. Getting excited? So am I, but I’m mostly anxious about packing all the right things for my trip. Of course I can not bare to take less than five pairs of shoes and a boat load of my beloved makeup. But to fit it all in a carry-on, I will probably need to listen to a mix of Joel Osteen and some party jams 24/7, all while also packing my apartment for my move into my one-bedroom (boo you roommates).

A little about myself, my name is Lany, and no that does not stand for Los Angeles New York. Although, props to my parents for that little coincidence. I was actually born in New York City and raised in Coney Island, Brooklyn where I lived until I finished high school. I am of Georgian, Russian, Polish, Jewish and Armenian descent. I moved to Austin, TX in August of 2013 and have been going back and forth between here, NYC, and Miami ever since. I am currently starting my fourth year in college and have been accepted to UT. My aspirations are business and law, and I am planning on pursuing a dual JD/MBA. I am fluent in Russian and am pursuing Spanish as my third language. I just finished my long internship at the Capitol and am super excited to be celebrating with this trip!

 My passions include anything to do with creativity or organization. I love social psychology and interior design. I used to be a makeup artist, ballroom dancer, soccer player, artist, pianist and actress. Now I just focusing on getting that degree! I love to cook and am very much looking forward to some Spanish cuisine. I love to make healthy alternatives by substituting ingredients for healthier ones.

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