(cinco.) park Güell y no sleep in Catalonia, pero, ¿hablan Catalan?

My roommate has had a pedometer on and we have been walking 10 miles a day. This was my third day in a row battling blisters as I managed my way through the pain of non-supportive Nikes and flip flops. Today we went to Park Güell and Casa Botllo which were both commissioned to Gaudi, the masterful architect who brought nature into a form of very funky art. Everything was so meticulously crafted in colorful small files and wavy, ocean like shapes. It was beautiful! Tomorrow we need to meet at 5am to go to Figures and see the Dalí museum and afterwards we will be able to sleep in. My poor Profesora had sprained her ankle and has been trotting with us in medical boot. Lots of us brought vans (don’t do it) and other flat shoes which are really starting to get to us but we are persevering. Studying abroad is not for the faint of heart. You can forget about sleep for the entire trip and the nutritional aspects aren’t totally met because after all, we are in a hotel with no kitchen and have very busy schedules. But when we do eat, it is so worth it! You know how in America you need to be choosy with restaurants and make sure their classic foods come out classic. Not here, most of these restaurants are whipping out some delectable foods which are not too high in fat, yet they melt in your mouth. I would suggest to eat in the little places on the side streets for an authentic feel. That was the highlight of our day, apart from the amazing art, tasting our first tapas! They were great but we have way more places to try before saying that one is the best. 
Till next time! Ciao! 

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