(cuatro.) Paris jet lag and Barcelona sun

So I got on the plane to Paris, frantically booking my flight as I waited to board. The tour guide had to cancel last minute bc he needed to care for his children. I ended up using thier metro system which was super confusing at first but overall fast. The flight was only 6 hrs from NYC and I arrived early morning. As I was walking to the hotel I got soaked in the rain and couldn’t check in because it was too early. I ended up changing, grabbing an umbrella and stating my day bc I only had 12 heurs to see all of Paris. Louvre and Chateau de Versailles were closed due to floods but I still go to see the beautiful landmarks. I walked to the eiffle tower which is much shorter and not as close to the louvre and tourist streets as you would think. I loved the Pantheon were remarkable people like Voltaire are buried and I was lucky enough to visit their graves. Paris is a classic and very ancient city. To think that I got to physically touch things that were crafted in the 1400s just blew my mind. The art I did see was stunning and I enjoyed comparing the different brush stokes of the artists. My favorite neighborhood was between Notre Dame Cathedral and the Pantheon. It’s a hip little area full of Braissrries and fleurs. I also enjoyed all the beautiful fountains. 
The next morning I got to sunny and a much happier Barcelona. A completely different vibe blew me away as I saw all the happy faces and heard a language that I actually understood pretty well (taking Spanish four now). The aeropuerto was enticing me with the stores but I managed to make it out. I took the wrong aerobus and had to walk three miles to the hotel with my luggage while trying to eat cherries. As soon as I came, we went to tour the Old Gothic City were I was the past residences of Isbaella and Ferdinand. I got to touch things that I’ve only heard about in history class! We had a great tour guide and ended the night at a restaurant where we couldn’t even believe what was happening to our taste buds. Every part of the meal was delicious! As tired as I was, my classmates have been battening being awake for hours so I stayed positive and I have to say, we all made it through the day. 

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