(seis.) Dalí is mesmerizing 

Waking up at 5am to catch the train was not ideal at all considering we had been getting barely any sleep, but it was worth it. Some students stayed and had a day off, but most of us met downstairs and made our way to the train station. When we got there, it turned out we had an extra hour so enjoyed some breakfast together at a cafe nearby and then got on the train. It was a two hour ride on the tram to get to Figures and a beautiful one at that. We had the view of the mountains and little villages. When we got off, the museum wasn’t too far away. We entered and I was automatically amazed by all the different works. Following the exhibits in order really helped put it all together. The outside display was stunning and I was amazed to see in person, works that I’ve studied in art history class. There were so many different styles of art, so many different brush strokes and paints, statues and metal displays, I was in awe. When we finished the museum we had a nice lunch outdoors and made our way back at around 5. It was one of my favorite experiences in Barcelona. 

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