(siete.) montjuic y miro

Oh how many strikes in Barcelona. First the metro and now the teleferico! The funny thing is, they are all planned and announced in the newspaper for all to see. So they will strike for two hours, say 8-10 and then return to work as scheduled. Neat huh? Anywho, of course on our day to go to Montjuic, this happened to be the case. We changed plans and went to the Miro Foundation first. Personally, it doesn’t compare to the Dali museum in my eyes. I love art with rich history and rich paints, different brush strokes. A few pieces of early art by Miro were beautiful but the rest was very modern and takes a lover to understand. I appreciated his tapestry and bronze statues, but overall finished the museum rather quickly. Afterwards, we had lunch at their little restaurant and walked over to the teréferico, which is the cart that takes you up into the mountains. It’s like the ones they have at ski resorts but its enclosed. It was a magnificent view, going up into the mountains of Catalunya and seeing all of Barcelona, from east to west. There were views of the beach, the edificios, the mountains, the ports, and all of the amazing city. It was truly striking and my favorite spot was a hidden path that had a line of gorgeous purple flower bushes, with all of barcelona behind it. Needless to say, I took at least 50 pictures right there. We didn’t spend much time there because the castle wasn’t included and we were rather tired. I walked to the beach side too and took some videos. It was amazing to see the ports with all the harbors and beaches. Barcelona has one of the nicest beaches with amazingly silky sand and not a shell under your feet.

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