Traveling to Costa Rica

July 15, 2017

Hola, a todos!

(Today isn’t actually my travel day, I’m playing a little bit of catch-up so you’ll have to bear with me here.)

I started out today, Saturday, July 15, in Kansas City, Missouri after having left good old Omaha, Nebraska on Thursday morning to spend a little time with my wonderful boyfriend in Topeka, Kansas before I flee the country.


Shane dropped me off at the airport at about 8:00 this morning with my bags and a letter for me to open each day that I am here. (Isn’t he the greatest?) After helping me get all checked in and my bags checked we said our goodbyes and I sat and waited for my first flight. First flight of the day was perfectly smooth and easy (and much shorter than my return flight from Germany earlier this summer!)… I wish I could say the same for my flight out of Dallas.


I waited in Dallas for the duration of my layover and then boarded the plane with no problems–the problems began once we were all ON the plane. Due to inclement weather our flight was going to be re-routed but it turned out our new route was much longer than the previous route, so much so that we would need more fuel and our pilot (who had already flown from Guatemala that day) could not legally fly it. SO, we de-planed (I didn’t know that was a word, but it was the one they used!) and waited for a new pilot in Dallas. While we were supposed to leave at 2:50, we finally left around 7:30–and after all of that waiting and inconvenience, any flight would seem long.  I am so lucky that Sol had sent out the flight information for all of the people that were going to be in the Summer IV program with me so that I could find Jessica at the airport and we could endure the Dallas Fort Worth Airport together. Eventually we did make it to Costa Rica!

Once in Costa Rica, everything went smoothly once again. Jessica and I made our way through immigration and were then greeted by a mural on the wall sporting the most popular phrase you hear in Costa Rica, “pura vida”.


After that we collected our bags, went through customs and finally were greeted by the wonderful, friendly, smiling faces of our Sol Directors waiting for us at the airport. At this point it was pretty late, dark, and we were tired from traveling all day. We took a bus from San José to Heredia and each got dropped off at the houses of our familias ticas (Costa Rican families/host families).

Once I was to the place I will call home for the next 5 weeks, and hopefully my Costa Rican home forever, I was exhausted. I unpacked and went straight to bed after meeting my Mamá Tica, Papá Tica and their daughter Alison.

I am so happy to finally be in Costa Rica and to let the learning, the immersion in the language and the memories that will last a lifetime begin!

See you tomorrow,
Pura Vida,

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