Day 2

July 17, 2017

Hola, a todos!

Today was the first day of classes here in Heredia. I started off the day walking to school with my roommates Kailey and Sarah and Oso (or Osito). Osito is an adorable, friendly dog that likes to walk us to the university in the morning.


We started off the day with a little orientation then split into our classes. (These are the views from the third floor outside of my classroom and the view out of the windows in my classroom)

third floor viewclassroom view

For this session I am taking Advanced Spanish I. There are eight people in my class and my professor is very nice. In class we took our placement assessments to give our professor a chance to see where we are at with our Spanish skills and then did a little speaking/ice-breaker activity.

After class I joined the rest of my Summer IV Sol-Mates for a picnic under the avocado tree on campus and another quick orientation. After talking and learning what we needed to learn we were split into groups and were off for our scavenger hunt! This included going to the bank to exchange money (which I couldn’t do because I’m the idiot that forgot my passport at home), make copies of our passports, print our insurance card, get our student IDs, find rooms and places around campus and talk a little bit with some of the Ticos that go to the university and ask them what majors are available there. I of course have an affinity for pictures so my favorite part was taking pictures of things around campus like a picture in the library:


One of someone hugging the biggest tree on campus (it was my pleasure):

tree hugger.JPG

Doing a headstand on the multipurpose court–featuring Vanessa:


And making a pyramid on the soccer field:


All in all, it was a pretty fun way to get to know the campus and do some little things that needed to get done.

After our scavenger hunt we were free for the afternoon. Heidi and I almost made it all the way home before it started to pour (as it does almost every day–yay rainy season!). I ran inside quickly to dry off and Sarah and Kailey asked if I wanted to go to the movies to see Spiderman (in English with Spanish subtitles) with them, Heidi and Chloe–and of course I did. We made our way to the Cinépolis movie theater at the Paseo de las Flores (the mall across the street from the university) and got in line for our tickets (which were only about $4 a piece by the way).

Ticket Stub.JPG

The movie was great–but this isn’t a movie review so, MOVING ON. Chloe, Heidi, Kailey and I walked home together and Sarah hit up the gym. Once home I started working on these blog posts and then Kailey, Sarah and I had some dinner. Tonight was the first time I have tried plantains, and I’ve got to say: they’re pretty darn good.

Hasta mañana,
Pura Vida

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