Day 3

July 18, 2017

Hola, a todos!

Today was the second day of class, and well, classes are classes so I’ll skip to the exciting part!

Today was our tour of the city of Heredia! My Sol-Mates, directors and I boarded a bus to take us into town. Our first stop was at the market. Here we were each assigned a fruit to pick up (I had to get mamón chino!). After retrieving our fruit and walking around the market for awhile we met back up to walk over to a restaurant lounge together where we dropped off our backpacks and one of our directors stayed behind to wash and cut up the fruit we bought.


On our tour we walked around the city as our director pointed out various shops. Our first stop was at a park which houses la Iglesia de la Inmaculada Concepción, a beautiful old Catholic church which was built in 1797.

Next we stopped at la Casa Alfredo González Flores, la Casa de la cultura de Heredia. This is a vacation home of the former Costa Rican President Alfredo González Flores. Inside there was a small art gallery along with photos, artifacts, and signs telling about the life and history of Alfredo González Flores.

On our way out we caught a glimpse of and heard the story of El Fortín, a tower that was constructed in 1876 and is the official symbol of Heredia.


After this short but beautiful tour we headed back to the restaurant lounge to try out the fruits we had purchased and our director had prepared for us. Upon arriving we saw this beautiful display of the local produce and were treated to a delicious juice blend of pineapple, watermelon and strawberries. Our directors presented each fruit to us and we tried each and every one. Although some were better than others, it was an incredible experience!

After our fruit taste-testing we were treated to some local cuisine: patacones with beans, cheese, and pico de gallo and picadillo con papa (which were of course delicious) and then headed out to walk around Heredia a little more before returning home.

Heredia City.JPG

We rode the bus back to the university and then Heidi and I walked back to our houses, of course accompanied by the one and only Osito. Now, it’s time for dinner, homework, and the 1,000 other things I need to do.

Buenas noches,
Pura Vida

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